Promotes Self-Worth/Value

Confidence/Self Expression

Embrace Inner Gifts

Deepens Sense of Self


A powerful crystalline ally to harmonize, & elevate how we relate to our personal value & worth, & how we harness those relationships & our resources to support our hearts desires & inherent ability to attract & embrace the flow of universal abundance. The “Abundance” blend supports, aligns, & unites our lower foundational chakras with the energies of the heart. The Sacral chakra is linked to our personal identity, our value & our self-worth. This is where we store the feelings, beliefs & stories we have around finances, sex, partnerships, & power. It’s from this creative wellspring that we harness our desires, confidence, & self-expression. When balanced we feel accepted & worthy, we embrace our inherent gifts & enjoy sharing them with others. When out of balance the theme of “never enough” runs through our partnerships, beliefs & manifestations.


The Solar Plexus is connected to the emotions, beliefs & stories we carry around our resources, (both inner & outer resources, spiritual & physical) & how we choose to utilize them. This energy is linked to our personal will, self-esteem, our boundaries, motivation & actions. When balanced we flow with harmony & acceptance, & we enjoy co-creating with our instincts & inner wisdom. When out of balance we experience low self-esteem, trust issues, & allow others to manipulate & control us.


The “Abundance” Collection is a sacred tool to help you merge & flow with the forever benevolence of Universal gifts & your connection to receiving goodness in its many forms; ideas, vitality, prosperity, guidance, opportunity, support, et al.



A powerful grounding earth & fire energy to foster inner stamina & physical vitality, to help us to overcome doubts, self-perceived limits, or sense of lack, & bring focused action to our ideas & intentions to call abundance into our lives. Pyrite is an ideal partner for the creative maker, entrepreneur, or anyone wanting to strengthen their “can do” attitude around their innate gifts & abilities. It protects against negative influences in the environment & helps rally the inner courage to follow ones own path. It nourishes ambition, commitment & resilience. Proceed with the knowing that everything you need is already within you. Pryrite’s yang energy will support your desire to “Go For The Gold”.



A sparkling empowerment crystal that encapsulates the solar radiance of the sun. Sunstone works to promote our personal freedom, expansive consciousness & delivers a joyful brightening to our energetic system, by gently cleansing & releasing stagnant, negative or fearful patterns & infusing them with self love, acceptance & positivity. A marvelous companion stone for creating new narratives in our relationships with self-worth, creativity, & receiving abundance.



Sunny Citrine is considered a crystal of abundance & an essential rock-star for artists, change-agents, visionaries, & makers of the World. It stimulates our natural desire to be playful & promotes creative imagination & self-expression. It opens the gateway to the future, allowing one to see beyond the veil of “what is” to the pure potential that dwells in the “what could be”. Citrine helps us to channel those possibilities into our personal creative zone, to raise it up & “Make Manifest”.



A potent ally in cultivating an elevated communication & right-action that is founded in emotional empowerment & LOVE. The energy of our beliefs & feelings around our value, worthiness & ability to receive are carried in our personal choices, actions & language. Negative, fearful or ego based emotions, speech, & choices translate as anti-abundance. Malachite supports & unities our compassion consciousness, awakened heart & throat chakras, blending our intentions, words & personal power to manifest a higher reality.



A beautiful earth vibration stone to harmonize the heart & help us embrace, enjoy & participate with the give & receive exchange of the physical gifts of life. It reminds us to stop & smell the roses, to be generous with our compassion, kindness & bounty, to see the value in all, & to relish in the joy, wonder & delight that surround you. Jade is a classic stone of abundance that carries the vibration of the infinite blessings of the Universe & the remembering that we are each an important, deserved, & magical member of the divine cosmic family.

"ABUNDANCE" Collection

    • All items shipped via USPS Priority Mail within continential USA.
    • Sales tax (7.5%) applies to items shipped to the state of California.
    • All items are prepared & packed with the utmost of loving care. Please choose carefully, due to the unique & delicate nature of crystals, items are non-returnable.
  • These magical rock stars are literally infused with Love Light & Delight! Each crystal has undergone an extensive & sacred clearing & cleansing process, incorporating fresh floral grounding, California sunsoaked & full moon charged, sound vibration attuned to the heart chakra, cleansed with garden harvested sage & infused with Reiki healing light. 


    Each crystal collection comes with a custom drawstring travel pouch made from the finest organic linen. An additional inner organic muslin bag with a hint of golden shimmer (extra care for the delicate raw stones). And a peice of Clear Quartz crystal to cleanse & amplify the potency of your Magical Cosmic Crew. Detailed descriptions for each individual stone & a Crystal Care/Programming card provide you with all you need to begin using your Sacred goods.


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