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Harmonization, Alignment, Focus, Ancient Rx. Energetic Cleanser, Inner Peace


Agate is a variegated form of chalcedony and is often multi-layered (or banded) with rivulets or plumes of quartz and druzy crystals. It is a mesmerizingly gorgeous crystal for bringing balance to yin-yang energies and harmony to the physical, emotional, intellectual and etheric bodies, helping one to find calm, order and organization within one’s life.


It stabilizes the auric field and provides a grounding and centering foundation to promote cleansing via the heart, to smooth and dispel negative, disharmonious energies. Agate beholds a serene, gentle, soothing grace within its frequency. It is an amazing mediation stone for accessing inner peace and invoking healing; allowing one to travel to the center of one’s being, or to the center of one’s cause of stress or conflict in order to awaken and initiate the healer within.


It is said that Agate was one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest and is one of our planet's most ancient crystals, both for adornment and healing remedies used by the early Egyptians and the Neolithic people.


These gorgeous crystal plates are a beautiful addition to your nightstand, altar, desk, or anywhere you wish to invite in a frequency of harmony and a sense of softening.


Agate is also a beautiful crystal for the healing of the Earth. As more and more individuals awaken to the tending of one’s disharmonies, the Earth’s vibration shifts with the instilling of aligned, harmonious and healing frequencies emanating within the hearts of the collective family.


“I heal, I harmonize, I align, I attune my Self to my truest potential”.

Agate Plate

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