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Creative Manifestation. Adventure. Personal Power. Confidence. Mental Acuity.


A powerful ally to activate, energize and support the bodies second and third chakras (energy of creative expression, instinctual intelligence, momentum and taking action).


Bumblebee Jasper is a powerful crystalline ally for melding one’s desires with purpose. Especially potent for helping us take action and show up for those inspiring ideas, visions and deeply meaningful dreams that call to us so profoundly, we inherently know they’re a part of our unfolding destiny.


Bumblebee can help us to navigate distractions, obstacles and setbacks to overcome, persist and see our inner and outer quests all the way to the victory line.


Excellent crystalline support for the adventure of manifestation; where preparation and action intersects opportunity. Bumblebee stimulates the energy center of our instincts, our “gut feelings” and helps to pay attention and trust those inner key knowings, so we may act with awareness and right timing.


Bumblebee can be an antidote for helping navigate the hesitations, indecisiveness and paralyzing doubt that inevitably arise when a project or path is especially dear to our hearts.


Affirmation: “I trust I cannot miss what is truly for me”.

Bumblebee Jasper

  • These magical crystals are literally infused with Love Light and Delight! Each crystal has undergone an extensive and sacred clearing and cleansing process, incorporating fresh floral grounding, California sunsoaked and full moon charged, sound vibration attuned to the heart chakra, and infused with Reiki healing light. 

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