Raw crystal that has been polished and shaped into a point are a magical addition to any sacred space. Like all points, Crystal towers make excellent frequency transmitters for your physical environment and manifestations alike. Easily programmable to carry the energy of your unique desires, intentions, affirmations and visions, they direct and amplify those energies through the apex/termination point to your desired destination. Be that an area of the body for channeled healing, to elevate the vibration of your home, creative studio, sacred space, or workplace, to make your own symbolic crystal waters, gem essences or sprays, or act as a powerful crystalline frequency transmitter that beams out your dreams to the Cosmos.


This hand-selected peice is of exquisite quality and chosen for it's stunning beauty and supreme vibration.


Caribbean Calcite

A mesmerizingly gorgeous and newly discovered Crystal, mined in the mountains of Pakistan; Caribbean Calcite unites the harmonious, balancing and calming essence of ocean blue Calcite with the clearing, clarifying and centering attributes of white and brown Aragonite.


Calcite is one of the most soothing stones to the emotional body. It softens the impact of internal and external stimuli and protects us from the bombardment of other peoples’  emotional energies.


It provides a cocoon of gentle blue spiritual light when we engage with its energy, gradually wrapping itself around the auric field and holding us in a beautiful peaceful and insightful state – ideal in meditation or reflection work when seeking personal truth and guidance from the wellspring of our higher intelligence.


For creative endeavors, Caribbean Calcite stimulates our access to inspiration, opening the gateway for conscious exploration of the unconscious realms (through dreams, meditation, healing journey etc.), and facilitating those breakthrough “aha” experiences.


It's a wonderful crystal to clear, support and unite the throat and third eye chakras. Helping us to better understand how our language (spoken and unspoken) together with the quality of our thoughts and what we believe is possible for us influences and shapes the experiences of our life.


“My intuitive awareness is expanding. My emotions are calm and harmonious. I express myself and my visions with truth and clarity."

Caribbean Calcite Tower