Raw crystal that has been polished and shaped into a point are a magical addition to any sacred space. Like all points, Crystal towers make excellent frequency transmitters for your physical environment and manifestations alike. Easily programmable to carry the energy of your unique desires, intentions, affirmations and visions, they direct and amplify those energies through the apex/termination point to your desired destination. Be that an area of the body for channeled healing, to elevate the vibration of your home, creative studio, sacred space, or workplace, to make your own symbolic crystal waters, gem essences or sprays. or act as a powerful crystalline frequency transmitter that beams out your dreams to the Cosmos.


This hand-selected peice of Clear Quartz from Brazil is of exquisite quality and selected for it's stunning beauty and supreme vibration.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a high-vibrational “etheric” channel Crystal that clears, cleanses & charges the energy of all beings, objects & physical spaces. Commonly known as the “Master Healer”, this powerful amplifier transmits the energy of our intentions & purifies our entire chakra system, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual layers & environment to create harmonious energetic flow.


A wonderful spiritual “Stone of Light” that brings heightened awareness to all who work with it.


Additionally, Clear Quartz has been revered as the “Sacred Stone” of choice for ritual, ceremony & healing practices since ancient times. It also cleanses & amplifies the vibration & attributes of other crystals (use it to supercharge, harmonize other stones).


Clear Quartz awakens & activates the empowered healer within. When used for physical healing, it encourages cell regeneration, aids & enhances recovery from illness, injury, & surgery & remedies adrenal fatigue.


"I am a beautiful guardian of my sacred space and precious energy".

Clear Quartz Tower