The "LOVE" Collection

Deep Heart Healing

Promotes Self-LOVE

Cultivates Compassion/Forgiveness

Supports attracting higher LOVE


We all desire to LOVE & be Loved. It’s our inherent nature, the language of our heart, & the beautiful home of our truth. Through the portal of the heart we extend & receive LOVE, generosity, compassion & forgiveness to our Selves and in turn to all other beings.


The LOVE Collection is your personal healing & reclaiming ally, to support you in all matters of the heart. When our heart is balanced & in harmony we live with gratitude, joy, connection & abundance. And LOVE becomes the magical elixir that underpins our entire life.


Rose Quartz (Madagascar)

Known as the Queen of Hearts representing a majestic & potent ruler in the magical kingdom of LOVE.  She’s the bridge we cross to connect to our divinity & choosing to LOVE our Self. A powerful crystal for fostering compassion, tending heartache, promoting joy, & attracting romance into our lives. Rose Quartz supports & balances the heart chakra, helps bolster our faith & trust, & opens the gateway to giving & receiving LOVE for one & all.


Rhodonite (Peru)

With its soft silky swirls, this gentle healing balm crystal tends to the wounds of our heart, gently releasing pain & suffering to make space for the alchemizing light of LOVE to enter. Rhodonite is the "Florence Nightingale" of the crystal realm, a champion for deep heart healing, overcoming despair & administering ancient medicine for grief. A beautiful companion for navigating life’s transitions & a protective guardian that helps us create healthy boundaries.


Ruby in Fuchsite (India)

Ruby (representing life force, courage & passion) occurs naturally in Fuchsite (a serene dose of nourishment for the Soul). Together they’re a potent partnership for strengthening & empowering our emotional body, assisting us to value oneself & our ability to make heart-centered choices that reflect our highest Self. Additionally, Ruby in Fuchsite makes for a wonderful “Cosmic Swiffer” crystal, by deftly clearing away any lingering emotional residue left behind from past relationships.


Pink Botswana Agate – (Botswana)

An ancient & magical mineral that gently works behind the scenes in supporting us to look courageously to the shadows of our suffering to soothe away past hurts & fear, by easing & releasing any repressed emotions that may be impinging on our capacity to fully give & receive LOVE. Agate’s graceful energy makes for a compassionate yet protective ally for us to carry into the cave of the unseen, so that we may seek out & reclaim the precious treasure of our radiant healing light.


"You are the one you've been waiting for"


"LOVE" Collection

    • All items shipped via USPS Priority Mail within continential USA.
    • Sales tax (7.5%) applies to items shipped to the state of California.
    • All items are prepared & packed with the utmost of loving care.  Please choose carefully, due to the unique & delicate nature of crystals, we do not take returns/refunds.
  • These magical rock stars are literally infused with Love Light & Delight! Each crystal has undergone an extensive & sacred clearing & cleansing process, incorporating fresh floral grounding, California sunsoaked & full moon charged, sound vibration attuned to the heart chakra, smudged with garden harvested white sage & infused with Reiki healing light. 


    Each crystal collection comes with a custom drawstring travel pouch made from the finest organic linen. An additional inner organic muslin bag with a hint of golden shimmer (extra care for the delicate raw stones). And a peice of Clear Quartz crystal to amplify the potency of your Magical Cosmic Crew.


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