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Honey Calcite helps us to combine mental clarity, determination and focused energy with an all-important grounding force of action to successfully complete tasks and long-term projects. 


A wonderful crystalline ally for overcoming procrastination and strengthening one’s sense of worthiness, gently reminding us that what we bring to the table in our unique and magical expression is beautiful, important and needed in the world.


Honey Calcite is vibrational harmony for our root, solar plexus and third eye chakras to unify and harmonize our desire to rise above past conditioning, self-perceived limits or falsehoods that don’t support our own expansion.


Truly a crystalline companion for embarking on a new adventure and new ways of being. Honey Calcite activates and strengthens inner courage and self-confidence.  A beautiful ally that encourages us to find the higher lessons from our experiences, claim empowerment and mine the golden nuggets of wisdom for self-mastery and personal upliftment.


Affirmation: ”I confidently share my gifts anchored by my own defined value, worthiness and magnificence - I am proud to be me".



Honey Calcite Sphere

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