This mesmerizingly wondrous crystal is a crystal that excels in calming the frayed edges of our emotional landscape, helping to release stress, worry and anxiety. Lepidolite comes into its own when life is at is most challenging. It helps us meet and navigate relationship conflict, financial woes, job loss, and fear of the unknown by balancing the emotional body, calming the mind and activating the heart chakra.


A stone of serenity and grace that brings an energetic sigh of relief to the aura, allowing one to surrender the incessant concerns of the egoic mind to a calming quality of consciousness that simply experiences and appreciates an “it is what it is” reality and state of presence.


Lepidolite supports the entire energetic body, especially the heart and third eye chakras, heightening intuitive awareness and promoting compassionate, patient listening. It’s helpful for hyperactivity, attention deficit and hypervigilance.


It’s a beautiful support for those who take on the problems of the world to balance emotional extremes, calm anxiety spiraling, and disengage from victim-self identification.

LEPIDOLITE, Tumbled Polished