"LET IT GO" Collection

Energetic Cleansing

Restores, Resets, Replenishes

Supports Shedding, Completions, Transitions

Harmonizing & Recentering Tool


As energetic beings, we are in constant relationship with the world around us. The human energy field warehouses the emotions of our internal & external experiences, both positive & negative.


To regularly tend your inner & outer worlds by releasing the feelings, thoughts, language, beliefs, behaviors etc. that no longer serve you, is a Self-honoring practice of being a divine guardian for your entire being from the inside out; body, mind & soul. In the practice of releasing, we shed our energetic weight, bring sooth to our suffering, balance to our emotional ebb & flow, harmony to our heart, & an effervescent lightness to our spirit.


The “Let It Go” Collection is a cosmic tool for all; for those who are suffering, caregivers, gentle natured souls, empaths & anyone who lives, works, or is regularly exposed to challenging people, situations, or environments (also known as real life). We all deserve to live our very best lives. Say “Goodbye” to the unnecessary, stagnant, & toxic & “Hello” to the benevolent riches of peace, positive shifts, healing & Love that await.  


CLEAR QUARTZ ("Clear/Cleanse")

A high-vibe essential rock star that clears, cleanses & charges the energy of all beings, objects & physical spaces. Commonly known as the “Master Healer”, this powerful amplifier transmits the energy of our intentions, & purifies our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual layers for harmonious energetic flow. A wonderful Stone of Light that brings heightened awareness to all who work with it, supports our entire chakra system, facilitates connection to higher communication via the crown, & clears & cleanses our environment & objects within our space; including electromagnetic discharge from computers, TV & tech. Additionally, Clear Quartz cleanses & amplifies the vibration of other crystals & has been revered as the Sacred stone of choice for ritual, ceremony & healing since ancient times.



A powerful releasing Crystal of Purification & Protection that clears the body’s energetic field from the inside out, dispelling non-serving emotions such as negativity, worry, judgment, fear, anger, shame & victim mindset from the Self, from others & via our physical environment. Black Tourmaline works like a cosmic vacuum cleaner to remove disharmony, seal our auric shield & help guard us against the toxic vibrations of those who don’t walk in the light. An excellent grounding Crystal that supports & strengthens our Root (base Chakra), the foundation of stability, safety & security, anchoring us into the Universal knowing that we are always divinely supported & protected.



The mighty Heart Harmonizer, commonly known as the ultimate stone of LOVE.  Rose Quartz is the bridge we cross to connect to our inherent nature & divine birthright of choosing to LOVE our whole Self. A potent crystal for heart healing that gently dispels negative energy, tends heartache &, restores calm from crisis, to reinstate the loving grace of compassion, forgiveness, beauty & LOVE. Rose Quartz supports & balances our yin/yang energies & the heart chakra, facilitates a rebirth of faith & trust, & opens the gateway to giving & receiving LOVE for one & all.


"LET IT GO" The Release Collection

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