A crystalline anti-depressant quality for facilitating emotional peace, alleviating stress, soothing frayed nerves and inviting in a state of relaxation.

Primarily a heart healing stone, Lithium Quartz is an excellent stone for children to use as a transition tool to become calm and centered before bedtime. And assists adults in letting go of the stresses or worries of the day and shift into a soft, heart-centered serenity.


An excellent ally for those seeking harmony in their relationships, and helpful to release attachment to specific outcomes and surrender the infinite “what it’s” of the ego’s incessant chatter to the care of our higher Self.


Lithium Quartz is particularly supportive in working vibrationally to reduce the intensity and frequency of panic and anxiety attacks. These double-terminated formed crystals can be programmed to both receive and emit a state of centeredness and neutrality.

They can used to help support those who use medication for mental harmony and wellness.

LITHIUM QUARTZ, Double Terminated