This mesmerizingly beautiful crystal is a stone to support the heart. It’s loving energy gently dissolves resistance to forgiveness and grief and paves the way to inviting unconditional LOVE into our lives.


This is a crystal for embracing and strengthening self-worth and self-acceptance and in clearing long-standing emotional patterns that one has outgrown. It administers soothe to our nervous system and ease to tension and anxiety.


It's extremely helpful for widening our capacity to hold compassion for ourselves and for one another; providing a wonderful “peace treaty” energy for use in relationship conflicts., as it expands our empathic perspective beyond our personal view to meet others where they’re at.


Pink Caclite provides an infusion of supportive, calming and loving energy to the heart and into a physical space, especially where there is strong emotional turmoil, deep grief, trauma or hysteria. Ideal for relaxing children and adults alike. It’s a potent ally for those who tend to repress their feelings and an excellent harmonizing companion crystal for the playroom, workplace, healing rooms, therapist office or deep healing journey.





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