Raw crystal that has been polished and shaped into a point are a magical addition to any sacred space. Like all points, Crystal towers make excellent frequency transmitters for your physical environment and manifestations alike. Easily programmable to carry the energy of your unique desires, intentions, affirmations and visions, they direct and amplify those energies through the apex/termination point to your desired destination. Be that an area of the body for channeled healing, to elevate the vibration of your home, creative studio, sacred space, or workplace, to make your own symbolic crystal waters, gem essences or sprays. or act as a powerful crystalline frequency transmitter that beams out your dreams to the Cosmos.


This hand-selected peice of Rose Quartz from Madagascar is of exquisite quality and selected for it's stunning beauty and supreme vibration.


Rose Quartz

Through the portal of the heart we extend and receive LOVE, generosity, kindness, compassion, respect and acceptance for our Self, and to all other beings.


Rose Quartz is your personal high vibrational crystal companion, to support you in all matters of the heart. When our heart is balanced and in harmony we live with gratitude, joy, connection and abundance, and LOVE becomes the magical elixir that underpins our entire life.


Known as the “Queen of Hearts” representing a potent ruler in the kingdom of LOVE and healing; Rose Quartz is a gorgeous crystal for healing emotional wounds, fostering kindness, cultivating forgiveness and connecting to our inner joy. It supports and balances the heart chakra, helps us to bolster our faith and trust, and opens the gateway to giving & receiving LOVE for one and all.


It might just be the most important crystal of our times.


“As I go, so goes our world. I choose to go with LOVE”.

Rose Quartz Tower