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Selenite Angel


These incredible peices are all hand carved and polished to a luminous sheen.


9.5" h x 4.5" w x 2.5" d


Simply on their own, they hold the most luminous light and additionally, the base has been pre-drilled to be used as a night light if you prefer (includes cord and bulb). 


Selenite is an ethereal crystal that quickly opens & activates our upper chakras to clear & cleanse our entire energetic field, including the aura, & lift our consciousness to access our intuition & channels of awareness and healing, including the higher realms of the Cosmos. This crystal offers a beautiful benevolent healing vibration, & protection of ones’ energetic body that also cleanses the energy of our physical environment.


Placed on an altar, Selenite does a beautiful job of harmonizing & amplifying the energy of other crystals & talismans to create a blended unification to support your intentions & manifestations.


During meditation or prayer, Selenite can help facilitate the gateway to accessing higher planes of awareness, making it possible for one to connect to the deep Self & commune with ones’ “light family” (guardian angels, animal messengers, helpers, anchestors, spirit guides etc.) for insights & guidance.


Named after the Moon Goddess Selene, Selenite is an ideal anchor to guide your moon practice & ritual work.


Keeping Selenite bedside will help you decompress from the stimuli of the day & create opportunity for calm to enter. When our mind, body, & spirit are harmonized, we prepare ourselves for the healing benefits of rest, restoration & renewal.


“Within my stillness and quiet, I find harmony and connection to my inner light.

Selenite Angel

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