The "SPEAK YOUR TRUTH" Collection

Clear, Confident Communication

Expression of Personal Truth

Tool for Creative Expression

Promotes Deep Listening


Our language carries the energy of our intentions, beliefs, opinions & feelings we hold around what we are communicating. Words are the manifestation of our personal choices & have the power to deeply connect, uplift, inspire, heal & empower us all.


When our throat chakra is imbalanced, we may feel unheard, frustrated, misunderstood, flustered or silenced. When harmonized & united with our heart & higher chakras, this energy becomes a powerful gateway to receive inspiration, insight & guidance, & express our personal truth with ease, clarity, grace, & aligned authenticity.


Consider the "Speak Your Truth" collection as a potent tool for accessing the voice of your authentic Self & spellbind the world with the beautiful poetry of your soul’s language.


Amazonite (Madagascar)

A warrior crystal for smoothing the ebb & flow of our emotional landscape, eliminating the minds’ aggravation & embodying the radiant light of Universal LOVE, resulting in an evolved & elevated communication that speaks from the heart. Amazonite perfectly blends our yin & yang qualities & weaves them into a whole. It supports & unities our awakened heart & higher chakras, allowing for a harmonious, authentic, truthful & loving language to flow with a graceful ease.


Blue Kyanite (Brazil)

The twisted fibrous layered structures of this mineral behold the ancient medicine of tranquility & calming for our entire energetic being. Blue Kyanite supports the throat and third eye chakras by dispelling anger & frustration, helping to attain freedom from mind static & facilitate linear reasoning. A beautiful crystal to promote loyalty, courageous communication, truth telling & self-expression & a must-have for deep listening.


Lapis Lazuli (Afghanistan)

A magically Sacred crystal favored by royalty & spiritual healers alike since the Mesopotamian civilizations touted to behold the power to invoke the inner King or Queen that resides within each of us. The mesmerizing allure of this rich cobalt beauty is second only to its powerful truth serum attributes. Lapis is a stone of total awareness, helping us to expand & strengthen our intellectual & intuitive prowess & assist in restoring harmony to our yin & yang energies for optimal equilibrium.


Blue Lace Agate (Brazil)

A stone to support the challenge of feeling heard, understood & articulating a new language that eloquently reflects our value, worth & confidence. Blue Lace Agate works gently & consistently behind the scenes, helping us to build fortitude in finding the words necessary for us to speak our truth in all situations & allowing us to step out from the shadows of our silence & into the radiant light of our voice. An outstanding partner when working with intention setting & affirmations as it works to keep our throat chakra free & clear, amplifying the energy of our personal truth through our words.


    • All items shipped via USPS Priority Mail within continential USA.
    • Sales tax (7.5%) applies to items shipped to the state of California.
    • All items are prepared & packed with the utmost of loving care.  Please choose carefully, due to the unique & delicate nature of crystals, we do not take returns/refunds.
  • These magical rock stars are literally infused with Love Light & Delight! Each crystal has undergone an extensive & sacred clearing & cleansing process, incorporating fresh floral grounding, California sunsoaked & full moon charged, sound vibration attuned to the heart chakra, smudged with garden harvested white sage & infused with Reiki healing light. 


    Each crystal collection comes with a custom drawstring travel pouch made from the finest organic linen. An additional inner organic muslin bag with a hint of golden shimmer (extra care for the delicate raw stones). And a piece of Clear Quartz crystal to amplify the potency of your Magical Cosmic Crew.


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