These loving and empowering 1:1 workshop-style sessions are designed to support and compliment your personal healing journey, expand your emotional intelligence and your desire to invite more LOVE into your life.


Explore and gain insights, guidance, practices and tools in topics centered around all matters of the heart; Compassion, Boundaries, Forgiveness, Relationships, Gratitude, Self-Care, Navigating Loss, Life Transitions and Alchemic Healing.


Each personal session is a deep dive into what nurtures your heart and nourishes your soul. The relationship you have with your Self is the blueprint for the relationships you have with all of life. If you’re seeking a supportive light on the path and a Sacred Space to help you stay devoted to choosing LOVE, “Tend” was inspired and designed for you.


In Person or Virtual Session 75 min.



"TEND" Soul School Sessions

  • Head over to the LETS CONNECT page and leave a few details about your specific interest. I'll be in touch within the next business day to connect and schedule your "Align" Session.

    With big LOVE

    Jo x

  • Cancellations may be made within 48 hours of an appointed session for a full refund or applied as payment for a rescheduled session.

    Cancellations less than 24 hours will not be available for refund. Thank you for understanding.