Potent Self-Healing Tool

Supports Deep Wounding/Trauma Work

Clears Stagnant Energy

Promotes Self-LOVE


A Sacred tool for assisting in dissolving stagnant, stuck energetic blocks & relinquishing deeply rooted wounds or trauma carried within our emotional body that impinge on our ability to experience the loving radiance of the true Self.


The Alchemist Collection is a powerful ally for releasing the energetic ties that tether us to our suffering, created for those struggling in the darkness with the weight of trauma. A crystalline blend created for deep empowered healing, compassionate heart tending, liberation from the shadows of what has been repressed, a reclaiming of ones personal power, & Invoking the awakened healer within. From this sacred place, we are invited to manifest a new path forward, guided by the heart. We become The New Frontier Alchemists; transforming the unconscious to the conscious, shadows to light, wounded to healed, & fear to LOVE.



A powerful healing stone that supports the base & heart chakras, helping one to center & anchor into the loving energies of the heart. Bloodstone is a wonderful detoxifier, purifier & healing tool for dispelling distress & anxiety caused by misaligned emotional energies, often initiated by our past conditioning & foundational beliefs. Bloodstone grounds you completely in the “now” of your life, bearing an invitation to move forwards, beyond your doubt, vulnerability & fears, facilitating access to your inner strength, courage & personal truth.



Commonly known as the Healer’s Stone, this gorgeous green Chrome Mica flashes with a hint of golden sparkle when caught by the light. Fuchsite is the gatekeeper of the heart chakra, clearing blockages, resolving power struggles, relationship conflicts & strengthening one’s Self Worth. Fuchsite is here to remind us that our value & worthiness is not defined by others, but by us alone. We are not our stories, but the authors of our uniquely remarkable destiny.



A potent vibration for smoothing the ebb & flow of our emotional landscape & embodying the radiant light of LOVE to cultivate an elevated communication that speaks from the heart. Amazonite perfectly blends our yin & yang qualities & weaves them into a complete whole. It is a stone of great peacemaking & truth telling. It supports & unities our awakened heart & throat chakras, to assist ones authentic, harmonious, loving language to flow with grace & ease. Amazonite is an amazing crystalline Warrior, supporting our ability to blend intentions with words and personal power to create  wonderful warrior crystal, blending our intentions, words & personal power to cultivate language that reflects our unique truth & authenticity.



A soothing, calming energy ideal for harmonizing our emotional body. Often referred to as the “peppermint candy crystal” for its layers of pink, white, peach, & cream & is a wonderful healing stone that works behind the scenes, specializing in tending suffering that’s connected to subconsciously held pain or trauma. Pink Opal is a teacher of non-violence & LOVE & an excellent facilitator for activating ones inner healing journey on the spiritual, intellectual, emotional & physical levels.



Known as the Queen of Hearts representing a majestic & potent ruler in the magical kingdom of LOVE. She’s the bridge we cross to connect to our divinity & choosing to LOVE our Self. A powerful crystal for fostering compassion, tending heartache, promoting joy, & attracting romance into our lives. Rose Quartz supports & balances the heart chakra, helps bolster our faith & trust, & opens the gateway to giving & receiving LOVE for one & all.



This potent ethereal crystal is hard to top as mineral ally for our personal journey of awakening. Like a crystalline sword, it helps us cut through mind fog, blind spots & the layers of our unconscious thinking to allow the light of awareness to reveal the deeper insights of our higher knowledge & personal truths. Selenite fosters ones ability to meet life with conscious responses versus reactions born from pain. A crystal that quickly opens & activates our upper chakras, to clear & cleanse our entire energetic field, including the aura & lifting our consciousness up to commune with the higher realms of the Cosmos. A beautiful benevolent healing crystal, & protective guardian of ones’ energetic body.



"THE ALCHEMIST" Collection

    • All items shipped via USPS Priority Mail within continential USA.
    • Sales tax (7.5%) applies to items shipped to the state of California.
    • All items are prepared & packed with the utmost of loving care.  Please choose carefully, due to the unique & delicate nature of crystals, we do not take returns/refunds.
  • These magical rock stars are literally infused with Love Light & Delight! Each crystal has undergone an extensive & sacred clearing & cleansing process, incorporating fresh floral grounding, California sunsoaked & full moon charged, sound vibration attuned to the heart chakra, smudged with garden harvested white sage & infused with Reiki healing light. 


    Each crystal collection comes with a custom drawstring travel pouch made from the finest organic linen. An additional inner organic muslin bag with a hint of golden shimmer (extra care for the delicate raw stones). And a peice of Clear Quartz crystal to cleanse & amplify the potency of your Magical Cosmic Crew.