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Jo Miller Loves
(Our  stories  take  black  and  white  words  and  spin  them  into  Gold)

"After adopting our son, I took some time away from work & the hustle & bustle of everyday life. I don't know if it was becoming a new mother; but I found myself seeing my husband in a brand new light... I saw the family I've always wanted, & felt the arrival of a sense of peace & gratitude. I started becoming present for the everyday moments in my life. Seeing my husband be the amazing father I always knew he would be, made me realize just how very blessed I am. I appreciate the moments of hectic chaos, the moments of laughter, the moments of quiet, the moments of frustration, & especially the moments of intimacy with my husband. Life really is grand, & the key for me is by being immersed in the small things. It's about perspective & gratitude & I love ALL of the moments I'm blessed to receive & enjoy".  (Marie F)

"My delight is often found in moments of stillness. When I stop, observe, and just be present, I’m able to tune into so much more. The world is vibrating all around me, and I can literally feel the energy of it all. These moments bring gratitude, awe, and delight to my everyday". (Becky P)
"I believe that every day we're surrounded by magic and unseen forces greater than us that guide us, protect us, and keep us safe. I believe in the power of our thoughts, and the power of manifestation; which is why it I believe it is so important to be mindful of the quality of our thoughts. My story for you today is one about manifestation. For a while now, we have been renting a humble house in a family friendly community. I have waved my magic wand and created a sacred space for us in this community. Yesterday, I found myself daydreaming and wandered the aisles of "maybe someday" and "wouldn't it be nice" to have a garden. Not just dirt with ornamental rocks and succulents, but a real garden. So, with that energy, I created a "manifested garden" Pinterest page. This morning, on their own accord, my two wild and amazing little spirits went out to our backyard and started digging, re-planting, and creating a magical little garden". (Melissa L)
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