Hellos, Goodbyes & The "Bridge" of In-between.

The week that falls between Christmas & New Year is one of my favourite times of the calendar. It’s an "easing off" week when the gatherings and togetherings subside and a wave of reflection and the sparkle of potential begin to gather on the “Bridge of In-between”, as I prepare to bid Goodbye to 2019 & the past decade, and roll out the welcome mat of 2020.

I’m a big fan of reflection over resolutions. Of acknowledging what worked, and what didn’t and bowing in gratitude for the awareness, and the lessons of it all. I get clear on what is coming with me, what get's released & what I'm ready to embrace. Here’s a little glimpse of some of ways I've been spending my “Bridge” week.

Clear The Feed:

Burning sage is an outstanding way to clear an energetic slate for yourself and your home in readiness for heralding the good to enter in. Illness, disharmony, negativity, drama, old patterns/conditioning that no longer serve be gone! You’ll want to open windows prior to clearing, and adorn yourself with a grateful, graceful heart. Light the end of a bundle of dried sage, and gently tamp out the flames so you’re left with the fragrant smoldering smoke. Use a heat resistant bowl (an abalone shell representing water element is my personal favourite) to catch falling embers, and mindfully walk through each room in your home (getting into the all the corners) and allowing the smoke to clear the energy. Personally, I like to set the stage for what I’d like to invite into each room as I go through this process (for example, I might invite nourishment & wellness into the kitchen, heart connection at the dining table, memory making in the family room, love & deep rest in the bedroom, etc.) I also like to sage my altar, crystals, decks and any other sacred tools on the brand new gateway of New Years Day.

Tarot For Transitions & Transformation:

I’m a long-time collaborator with the mystery, soul knownings & magic of the unseen, and frequently call upon the wisdom of ancient Archetypes, animal guides, Goddesses and soul sessions with my own intuition to channel messages and affirmations from the Cosmos. I've been teaching myself Tarot for the past 3 years & was inspired to take a deep dive into a fabulous Tarot Challenge generously offered by Rootlock Tarot that aligns each Archetypes in the Major Arcana with the transition out of the last 11 days of 2019 into the first 11 days of 2020. A journey that began with the Hanged Man on Winter Solstice (the energetic archetype of 2019), encountering the Tower & a reset of a New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Christmas Day, standing with the Fool on the threshold of New Years Eve, channeling the manifesting prowess of the Magician on New Years Day & concluding with Justice on January 11th. Tarot is total truth-serum for me & it's been such a richly illuminating & powerfully enlightening adventure, and only makes me love this daily ritual of harnessing my intuition & connecting to my sacredness even more.

Set Intentions:

Throughout the lunar calendar, I harness the power of the moon to sit and chitchat with the Universe and set intentions. The same applies for my annual intention setting. There’s just something rather magical & sacred about sitting beneath a blanket of stars under the illumination of the moon. To me, intentions are shout-outs to my future self. How I’m evolving. Who I’m becoming. How I want to feel, think, speak, and act in the name of making my dreams, desires & passions become my reality. If I want to see more Love, more Kindness, more Joy in the world, this is an opportunity for me to reflect on where I can embody that for myself. I can’t “save” the world, but I can “serve” the world by being the very best version of myself. We all can. Intentions are the bedrock of awareness & manifestation.

Conspire with Crystals.

Not merely pretty rocks; crystals are rather magical vibrating tools that can enhance and elevate our own vibe, harmonize our imbalances, clean up energetic blocks, facilitate healing, & promote wellbeing, in addition to being supportive tools for attracting positive change in our lives. As energetic beings, our vibration varies with the ebbs and flows of our daily life. Crystals however, hold a unique consistently steady vibration, making them highly charged tools for assisting in upleveling our mood, focus, creativity, healing and overall harmony. Crystals are tucked into the everyday of my life; be it on my nightstand, slipped into a pocket, tucked under my pillow, adorning an oracle reading, and making guest appearances in the creation of all things magical. My go-to Crystals are Rose Quartz (the Universal stone of Love), Moonstone (which aids communication with higher self, psychic abilities & manifestation), Ametrine (promoter of self-esteem, prosperity, harnessing intuition, inspiration & releasing negativity), Smoky Quartz (to enhance positive energy, grounding & healing past hurts) and finally Clear Quartz (aka the Master Healer, that works as an amplifier when partnered with other crystals and provides clearing and protection).

Make Manifest:

For me, the Golden Rule to manifesting is to keep it simple, and by getting very clear on what it is that I truly want (and why). Then it’s a matter of inviting the Universe to the party. I ask only for that which serves my best self and the highest good of all concerned, and then firmly aligning what I want within the crosshairs of intention and attention (meaning I truly imagine it, see it, feel it and own it as though it has already happened). For me, manifestation is not just about the dream, but about the energy that it rides on. I've learned that this is where the true power resides, in the why, the deep desire, the perspective, & the bigger picture. I ask for “this or something greater” (as I always want to get out of my own way if the Universe has something bigger and better in mind for me). As in all situations related to asking for help and support, I bow in gratitude. Then, I get to work on backing up my dreams with action.

So however you choose to mark the Goodbye of the past decade & 2019, and prepare for the Fanfare of 2020; my hope is that these rituals inspire you to tap into the magical benevolence of the Cosmos that’s within you & all around you; to create a year and a life of LOVE, Light & Delight. May all your big, beautiful & boldest dreams come true.


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