A Conversation With LOVE

Why am I here? To learn how to LOVE, and be Loved.

What makes this world a better place to live in? LOVE.

What am I seeking, that is seeking me? LOVE.

What do we all need more of? LOVE.

What can I give away, and receive in return? LOVE.

What is the language of the Universe? LOVE.

What unites us all? LOVE.

What is the answer to all my questions? LOVE.

I’m often asked; “What if choosing LOVE just feels hard”? How can I give LOVE to another who brought me pain? How can I LOVE myself when I don’t really like what I see? How I can trust that romantic LOVE will last? Why should I care? What’s the point?

My response is always the same; I believe that the point - is LOVE. That when it feels hard; that’s the very moment we need to choose LOVE the most. When we feel lonely, or afraid, unworthy, unheard, or undeserved, our soul suffers deeply. But the Luminous truth of who we are at our deepest core; is in our astonishing capacity to give and receive compassion, empathy, joy and gratitude with the potent, healing elixir of LOVE.

And because we’re all stitched together in this tapestry called life, when you LOVE yourself, you energetically LOVE those around you, and together we have the potential to evolve, LOVE, and heal the world. LOVE simply is a choice that begins with us.

If we want happiness, we must be that happiness. If we want peace, we must be peace. If we want kindness, we must be kind. If we want LOVE, we must be the LOVE.

And when should we choose this LOVE thing?


In the very next thing you feel, think, say, or do, choose to do it with LOVE. Look around you. Look in the mirror. Minutes are turning into hours. Days are turning into nights. Months are turning into years.

If not now, when?

If not now, why?

How you do one thing is how you do everything. So why not make LOVE your one thing? It’s not always easy. In fact, sometimes it can seem supremely impossible. It may take an afternoon, a weekend, or a lifetime, but in every moment there's an invitation to begin, and I can’t think of a worthier use of a life.

So on this global day of LOVE, I extend an invitation for you to spill LOVE forth in all directions. Spill it on your self, your nearest, your dearest, your children, your lover, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, total strangers, your community, and then out into the world. When you ripple out your desire to LOVE and be LOVED, it’ll not only change your life, it might possibly change our world.

Sending Big Love & Happy Valentines Day.

Jo x


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