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Becoming Your Own BeLOVED

February 4, 2020

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Alchemy of Forgiveness

October 27, 2019


It is our inherent divine human nature to heal, & only we ourselves can invoke this powerful transformation of releasing the energetic ties that bind us to our pain. Forgiveness beholds the gift of deep empowered healing, & liberation from the shadows of what has been buried with a reclaiming of ones personal power & awakening the wise healer within. Forgiveness is giving up the longing that the past could have been different by letting go & not being held hostage by something that was not different.



Anytime is an ideal time to banish what’s unwanted in your life, however a full or new moon amplifies the energy around letting go, by illuminating the shadows & heightening the emotions of what no longer serves us. Open your heart to someone you can trust, be that a trusted confident, therapist, or mentor who can hold space for you as you unburden your heart, & begin to heal yourself whole again.


For me, forgiving does not mean condoning the behavior, rather you simply give yourself permission to release pain & suffering & move you onto towards healing. An unforgiving heart holds on, waiting for something different to arrive; an apology, revenge, justice, or something to numb or eclipse the hurt. I feel this