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The Alchemy of Forgiveness

It is our inherent divine human nature to heal, & only we ourselves can invoke this powerful transformation of releasing the energetic ties that bind us to our pain. Forgiveness beholds the gift of deep empowered healing, & liberation from the shadows of what has been buried with a reclaiming of ones personal power & awakening the wise healer within. Forgiveness is giving up the longing that the past could have been different by releasing the grip of our suffering and liberating the heart.

Anytime is an ideal time to banish what’s unwanted in your life, however a full or new moon amplifies the energy around letting go, by illuminating the shadows & heightening the emotions of what no longer serves us. Open your heart to someone you can trust, be that a trusted confident, therapist, or mentor who can hold space for you as you unburden your heart, & begin to heal yourself whole again.

For me, forgiving does not mean condoning the behavior, but rather giving yourself permission to release pain & suffering & move onto towards healing. An unforgiving heart holds on, waiting for something different to arrive; an apology, revenge, justice, or we may turn towards more harming behavior in an effort to numb or eclipse the hurt. I feel this endless holding on requires us to build a "waiting room" of sorts in our heart that warehouses the energetic weight of our anger, confusion, guilt, shame, loss, grudges, blame, fear, etc. necessary to continually carry those burdensome emotions through our daily lives.

But held within the suffering of this waiting room lays a precious piece of your magical soul light. After years of carrying along the confusion, anger, betrayal, & shame that came along with my own trauma, I came to realize that not only was the weight of it all not serving any part of me, it was actually blocking my ability to free myself of a victim mindset and loving awareness. I intuitively knew that I wanted all the rooms in my heart to be available for something far higher & worthier than my wounds. Through the transformative alchemy of forgiveness we can let go of the pain & reclaim the precious heart real estate that is rightfully ours, & manifest a new path forward, empowered by our healing & a return to our wholeness. Transforming the unconscious to the conscious, shadow into light, pain into power, & fear into LOVE.

Now I see forgiveness as less about the person I’m forgiving, & more of a Sacred act in which I’m liberating myself from actively prolonging my own suffering, peeling back the layers of all that is untrue & invoking the inherent ability to heal myself.

Forgiving myself & others has proven to be the ultimate act of Self-LOVE and I hope that you come to find that truth for you.

Forgiveness Ritual

You may like to perform this ritual by holding a heart healing crystal (eg. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, or whatever talisman (photo, flower etc.) is meaningful, comforting & supportive for you). If at all possible, find a place of quiet solitude in nature.

Quiet yourself & bring your attention to your heart. Hear it’s beating, see it’s rise & fall, feel its miraculous rhythmic life-force of breath & spirit & invite slow, soothing inhales & exhales to soften & deeply relax you.

Envision yourself standing inside the temple of your heart. Take note of its unique colors, vibrancy & light that are reflective of your particular soul’s unique vibration. As you look around this inner sacred sanctuary that you and you alone have sovereignty over, notice if there are any wounds residing here that you’d like to heal.

Take some deep cleansing breaths & in your minds eye, imagine the person or situation connected to a past hurt standing before you, holding the fragment of the pain you experienced, and now extending it out towards you.

Firmly state to them that it's now time for you to reclaim this aspect of you. If it feels appropriate, forgive them, release them, forgive/release yourself, thank them, or yourself, whatever feels correct for you.

See yourself reaching out for your reclaimed soul light.

Pass it through a cloud of sparkling white light or your crystal to purify it, welcoming it back with love & place it once more back into your inner heart sanctuary.

Take some time to be with your feelings, your wholeness, your personal power.

You may like to imagine wrapping your entire being in a soft pink compassionate energetic light, sealing your healing & renewed wholeness with gratitude, safety & protection.

When ready, consciously shift out of this inner temple, empowered by your ability to invoke this deep level of self-healing. Become aware of your breath & the beating rhythm of your heart as your bring your attention back into your physical body & the space around you.

Take a few moments to move & connect to the earth to ground yourself.

“Love is the bridge between you and everything" (Rumi)

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