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February 4, 2020

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Self LOVE as Ceremony

September 14, 2019


For this ritual you’ll need a sheet of paper/or journal & pen, & a candle, a rose (flower petals or rose oil). Suggested crystals - Rose Quartz (all brands of LOVE & forgiveness) Rhodocrosite (Heart Healing) Moonstone (Intuition, Divine Feminine, Moon-time). Use this ceremony as inspiration, feel free to substitute or add whatever elements appeal & support you. 



Light your candle. Dab rose oil on your pulse points and your over your heart or place your rose bloom/petals where you can enjoy their beauty. Quiet yourself & bring your attention to your heart’s center. Hear it’s beating, see it’s rise & fall, feel its miraculous rhythmic life-force of breath & spirit, & allow each inhale & exhale to soften & deeply relax you.


On your sheet of paper (or journal pages) fill the entire space with medium size hearts.


In your hearts, write something you LOVE about yourself. Something you’re