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September is "Go Time"

“To Not Make a Decision, Is To Make A Decision”

The energetic theme for September is Commitment. The cosmic energy available for us to work with this month is intentional, action-oriented, creative, grounded, purposeful, focused & forward flowing.

This potent manifesting energy is dynamic & harmonized with both masculine & feminine essences. It carries our inspiration, our intention, our motivation & “why”, the alignment of our choices & actions, & the quality of how we’re showing up.

Action & choices founded in fear, other people’s expectations/judgments, or our ego’s need to control or manipulate outcomes, can have us feeling scattered, uncertain, frustrated, anxious, stuck & directionless in an endless loop of busywork. Dynamic action is when our intentions & choices are lined up with our passion, purpose, clarity, focus & commitment. It’s guided by intuition & heart-led.

When we feel into the energy of our goals with this dynamic fuel, we feel like our true Selves. Our vision lights us up. We feel inspired, possible, excited & expanded. It’s a “yes” for us, even amidst the mental chatter, the outside static of the collective, or our uncertainty of “how”? We catch a glimpse of our future self. A soul knowing that awaits. We hear the calling & with courage, inner strength & trust we take a step towards it.

Commitments are clear & true. They’re our decision to get off the fence, make a choice, & follow through. Commitments are devoid of “what if” scenarios, free of compromises or wavering. This comes when we’ve weighed the pros & cons, consulted our intel, felt the nudge of our intuitive knowings & listened to our heart’s higher wisdom. Our superpower is our power of choice. Choosing is action. Ambivalence is the enemy of manifestation.

“When” & “If” are words that keep us in fear, indecision & disempowerment.

“Yes” is a word of commitment, of action & expansion.

If you’re someone who has suffered with others taking away your power of choice & choosing for you (loss of freedom, abuse etc.) the energy of this month may be a powerful reclaiming, healing commitment to your Self. No matter what has been taken, stolen or lost. Our soul light, our inner knowings, our awareness, personal truth & heart’s LOVE is forever whole, pure, sacred, precious & unreachable by anyone or any situation outside of ourselves. We are the divine rulers of our inner kingdom.

This month, we’re being invited into100% forward momentum. To explore, acknowledge & redefine our relationship with commitment. To observe without judgment where you are in the process of commitment, manifestation, balance, resistance, stuckness & fear.

Some ways we can overcome our inner resistance & strengthen our commitment to ourselves is to practice being fully present in our everyday tasks. In small, consistent ways, we can begin to unlearn, restructure, redefine & make great shifts towards being our best selves.

Commit to mindfully eating, enjoying & appreciating every meal.

Commit to deeply listening to another person without interrupting, forming conclusions or judgments.

Commit to moving your body physically in some way every day this month.

Commit to engaging in healing the planet. Pick up litter. Plant a dream tree & tend it daily. Consume less, take only what you need. Give back. Give thanks.

Commit to beginning & ending your day with acknowledging & truly feeling appreciation for three things. The energy of gratitude opens the channel for positivity, synchronicity, & abundance.

Commit to noticing something beautiful & share the details with another. Beauty nourishes the soul, inspires our creativity & gladdens the heart.

Commit to clearing your space. One item, one drawer, one room at a time. Purge the broken, the unused, unwanted & unnecessary from your environment & fill your home & life with things with you truly need & LOVE.

Commit to drinking more water.

Commit to Loving your Self.

Summon the courage, the will, & all the magic that resides within you & take a step forwards onto the path of your soul’s yearning. For every step taken, the Universe will take two towards you.

Breath life into your beautiful becoming.

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