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September is "Go Time"

“To Not Make a Decision, Is To Make A Decision”

The energetic theme for September is Commitment. The cosmic energy available for us to work with this month is intentional, action-oriented, creative, grounded, purposeful, focused & forward flowing.

This potent manifesting energy is dynamic & harmonized with both masculine & feminine essences. It carries our inspiration, our intention, our motivation & “why”, the alignment of our choices & actions, & the quality of how we’re showing up.

Action & choices founded in fear, other people’s expectations/judgments, or our ego’s need to control or manipulate outcomes, can have us feeling scattered, uncertain, frustrated, anxious, stuck & directionless in an endless loop of busywork. Dynamic action is when our intentions & choices are lined up with our passion, purpose, clarity, focus & commitment. It’s guided by intuition & heart-led.

When we feel into the energy of our goals with this dynamic fuel, we feel like our true Selves. Our vision lights us up. We feel inspired, possible, excited & expanded. It’s a “yes” for us, even amidst the mental chatter, the outside static of the collective, or our uncertainty of “how”? We catch a glimpse of our future self. A soul knowing that awaits. We hear the calling & with courage, inner strength & trust we take a step towards it.

Commitments are clear & true. They’re our decision to get off the fence, make a choice, & follow through. Commitments are devoid of “what if” scenarios, free of compromises or wavering. This comes when we’ve weighed the pros & cons, consulted our intel, felt the nudge of our intuitive knowings & listened to our heart’s higher wisdom. Our superpower is our power of choice. Choosing is action. Ambivalence is the enemy of manifestation.

“When” & “If” are words that keep us in fear, indecision & disempowerment.

“Yes” is a word of commitment, of action & expansion.

If you’re someone who has suffered with others taking away your power of choice & choosing for you (loss of freedom, abuse etc.) the energy of this month may be a powerful reclaiming, healing commitment to your Self. No matter what has been taken, stolen or lost. Our soul light, our inner knowings, our awareness, personal truth & heart’s LOVE is forever whole, pure, sacred, precious & unreachable by anyone or any situation outside of ourselves. We are the divine rulers of our inner kingdom.