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April 22, 2020

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Becoming Your Own BeLOVED

February 4, 2020



We’re often shown by the world that Love equates romance. A completion of  “me” via “you”. That true Love, Soul Mate Love is a forever quest. And once found, we’re taught that Love is a duty of me loving you, and you loving me. That Love can be won, lost, sabotaged, & abandoned.  Indeed, this seeking of Love in others, in order to feel whole, worthy & deserved of being chosen, was the path I was shown, and the path that I took (repeatedly) well into my adult life. Looking back, I've come to see this default path of seeking Love in all the wrong places (and people), as a rather valuable teacher & very necessary in the journey of finding my way home to myself, to my own Love, to becoming my own devoted Beloved.


Self-Love looks different for everyone. But no matter what that difference may be; it translates as ultimately Loving yourself the way you needed to be loved all along. You kiss away the pain of all the ways in which you once felt you were unlovable. You acknowledge, respect, listen, understand, learn, celebrate, tend & become responsible for your Self. You draw a sacred boundary around your own self-care, your healing, your precious time, your “yeses” & “no thank you’s” & the practices that feed you & replenish you. You discover what you need & you take responsibility for your care, your happiness, your personal growth, & your soul work. You treat yourself as a priority. As a precious being that understands that a better you, makes for a better everything you do.


Loving your self in this way, never means not loving or caring for others. Far from it. With that same patience, tenderness, kindness & constant choosing & devotion you gave yourself to Love your whole self, you become the embodiment of Love.  Life becomes a mirror for your own truth. You begin to see Love everywhere. Understand that Love is in everything, even though sometimes it may be buried beneath all the layers that are not Love. Our relationships, our roles, our responsibilities, our communities & our planet only benefit from us showing up as our best selves.