Celestial Archer (Sagittarius Moon 5.26.2021)

Sagittarius moon energy illuminates the aspects of us that are adventuresome, spontaneous, magnanimous and spiritual. It’s an energy that heightens our desire to seek and share our deep truths and explore our greater cosmic “why”.

This Luna phase may find us more philosophically minded than usual, exploring life’s grander picture, our destiny and how we want to participate in the collective evolution.

Your inner radar may feel amplified, your lantern of awareness turned all the way up, and new ideas and inspiration may be downloading their way into your meditations, dreams and intuitive nudges.

Sagittarius rules the mind and spirit. A symbol of the celestial archer and the essence is expansive, creative, purposeful, focused and optimistic, offering an energetic elixir for "pure possibility" style thinking, cultivating a solution-seeking mindset, and exploring new realities beyond our comfort zone. It’s an ideal time for brainstorming new ideas, exploring new aspects of yourself, engaging in collaborations, igniting a passion project, and saying "yes" to something slightly terrifying.

This full moon arrives in tandem with a Luna eclipse, providing a potent cosmic cocktail that may evoke an aching for radical freedom and new ways of being, inspiring us to rise above our past fears, wounding and suffering, and reach for something that will truly serve our way forward.

Energy is neutral until we give it meaning. We can channel the fire of Sagittarius to direct Artemis’ arrow towards something that serves to awaken our consciousness, that ignites our courage, that alchemizes pain into healing, that brings us home to LOVE and that paves a new way forward for the greater good of humanity, our planet and the absolute Sacredness that is …all of life.

Over the coming days, spend some time to connect to your higher mind and soul’s inner whispers. Connect and nourish your roots in nature. Remind yourself that you and your beautiful dreams are all a piece of the Universal wonderment, just as vital and magical as the stars, birds, flowers, and sunrises. This Luna phase is wonderful medicine for sitting with our truth with a renewed acceptance and grace. How are you taking care of your own needs? Does your heart feel nurtured? Your soul nourished? What aspect of you feels ready to express itself in its own uniquely magical way and how can you support taking your first step?

Live your life with the inherent truth of knowing that everything you need is already within. Let us begin to examine, unpack, unsubscribe, unlearn, and unbecome the aspects of ourselves that are not our truth. The aspect of us that has always, is now, and will forever be whole and divinely LOVE.

Over the days following the full Moon, set aside some quiet time to sit with your moon intentions. Light a candle, grab your crystals and favorite essential oil. Cast a sacred circle for yourself and shift your awareness to your heart. Set your intention to connect to your higher Self and feel the shift in your body’s energy as you sit alongside the part of you that is all seeing, all knowing, & all loving … your True Self.

Ask of your Self what it is you truly desire to experience more of. And rather than it be a “thing” to have or attain, think in terms of the energetic quality that your desire rides upon. LOVE, Abundance, Healing, Connection, Communication, Empowerment, Trust, Courage, etc. Once you have your over-arching theme; let’s take LOVE as an example, get curious about all the layers and expressions of LOVE … acceptance, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, softening, patience, receiving, trusting, choosing, non-judgment etc. Diving deeper, you can begin to see that LOVE is not just limited to something we give, or get, but is an energetic vibration we can begin to choose for ourselves, and integrate into our daily experiences and interactions, and with practice … will expand as a frequency that underpins our entire lives. We begin to become living manifestations of the very thing we’re desiring to experience more of.

When we invite in and invoke the energetic fuel that will ultimately launch our deepest desires, our vibration shifts, and we begin to become the magnetic radiance that attracts the form into our new reality.

What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be if you believed in the magical power of you, me and we?

With so much Luna LOVE to your deepest desires,

Jo xx

Photo Credit - Richard Sagrado

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