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Amulet of the Heart (Ceremony for Scorpio New Moon/Eclipse)

Gather Your Ceremony Elements:

You’ll need a sheet of paper/or journal pen, a candle, a rose or rose petals or rose oil. Suggested crystals - Rose Quartz (LOVE) Rhodocrosite or Pink Calcite (Heart Healing) Moonstone (Intuition, Divine Feminine, Moon Practices). You can make yourself a cup of tea, pull oracle/cards, an archetypal element or deity, a favorite photograph, sentiment or whatever makes your ceremony feel like you.


Light your candle. Dab rose oil on your pulse points and over your heart or create a floral circle around yourself with your rose petals or place your rose bloom where you enjoy its beauty.

Quiet yourself and bring your attention to your heart’s center. Listen to it’s beating, see it’s rise and fall, place your hands on your heart and feel the miraculous rhythmic life-force of breath and spirit within you and allow each inhale and exhale to soften your heart space, your thoughts and your energetic body.

On your sheet of paper (or journal pages) fill the entire space with medium-size hearts.

Inside your hearts write the following:

Something you LOVE about yourself. Something you’re seeking support with. Something you’d like to release. Something you’re ready to forgive yourself for. Someone you're ready to forgive. Something you’re ready to heal. A resource you can connect to that nourishes/nurtures/replenishes you. Something new you’d like to invite into your life. Something you’re grateful for. Continue writing intuitively inside the hearts with whatever presents itself until your page and your heart are filled with LOVE.

Placing your crystal against your heart, take your time, and read them back to yourself, one by one. As you do so, close your eyes and really envision yourself fulfilling each intention/promise to your Self, notice how they make you feel, see them come alive in your minds eye, as though they have already actualized and embodied in your life. Call yourself back to yourself. Call in your Self LOVE.

You may like to imagine surrounding your entire being with a cocoon of soft, golden pink, compassionate energetic light, your aura and sealing your ceremony with gratitude.

When you’re ready, consciously shift out of this inner heart temple by bringing your attention back to the breath and take in the beauty of your ceremony your surroundings.

Blow out your candle. Take a few moments to move and connect to the earth to ground yourself back into your physical body.

Keep your LOVE note in a place where you’ll see it and be reminded of your intentions and your vow to tending to your energy, your magical vessel, your magnificent heart (suggestions - make an altar, keep bedside with your crystal on top, under your pillow, taped to the bathroom mirror, take a screenshot for your phone and read it every morning and evening as a way to carry the LOVE like a ripple throughout this Eclipse season, and far far beyond.

Acknowledge your ability to create and invoke this deep level of healing, tending and LOVE seed planting for yourself. Consider how this practice can serve as an intentional amulet of care, kindness, compassion, nurturance peace and devotion for your heart as we travel through this Eclipse portal that begins with tomorrow's new moon in Scorpio and closes in two weeks with the full moon in Taurus.

Consider how a softening, a surrendering, a cherishing of your own Self and your intrinsic needs can support you, your loved ones and our world that so needs the gift of your beautiful heart.

Sending you so much love.

Jo x

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