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Choosing LOVE

A most excellent use of a lifetime can be centered around the truth that we are all, at our very deepest core ... LOVE. My relationship with "spirituality" in its essence, is the journey of seeking, discovering and remembering this.

Reclaiming this truth by patiently and devotedly unlearning and unbecoming all the aspects of ourselves that are not LOVE may span our entire life, yet, imagine the bliss, the peace and the liberation of knowing who you are and living your days in that true, pure expression.

Most all of our beliefs, intentions, emotions and actions are underpinned either by the energy of fear or LOVE. Our true power is our power of choice. We get to choose what we want to represent and how we wish to move through the world.

We are not our stories, our past experiences, our roles, gender, skin color, body type, bank account, religion, sexuality, jobs, politics or education or any other limiting label. We are infinitely more. We are magical, creative, innovative, awe inspiring, courageous, magnificent, pure possibility, sacred beings with luminous hearts.

LOVE is our superpower. LOVE is our truth. LOVE is our way.

When we choose it, we choose our Self. We choose one another. We choose our planet. We include all and exclude none. We come home to our hearts and we keep choosing to live from there.

This is how we change ourselves, our lives, our world.

To read this is easy. But to live it can be our life’s work. What we were shown, taught and experienced about LOVE influenced and shaped our conditioning and patterns and what we believed was possible for us. They become the very foundation upon which we build our lives.

Sometimes, in an effort to survive our suffering, we will disconnect, mistrust, defend, deny, distract or close our hearts to receive or give LOVE, subconsciously believing that this will keep us safe from more pain. And yet, there comes a time, when the work of this way of living becomes too heavy of a burden for us to bear. Somewhere, deep within our Self, sits a wise, loving, kind, patient divine truth that we are LOVE, loving and inherently lovable.

However distant or faint that whisper, it calls and calls us back home to our Selves. The work of dismantling, untangling, reparenting, healing and rebuilding our true Selves is undoubtedly the tallest of mountains we will climb. But I believe we never get a mountain taller than we are.

Know that everything you need to begin climbing is already within you. A LOVE note to Self has always been tucked inside your heart. At any moment in time, you can reach for that note and read it. At any moment you can set one foot in front of the other and begin to climb. At any moment (perhaps this one), you can choose to come back home to LOVE.


Each morning, before you get out of bed, place your hands on your heart. Close your “seeing” eyes and “look” inside your heart.

Speak (out loud or in your minds eye) the word “Soften” into the inner temple of your heart as many times as it takes for you to feel a shift.

When you feel ready for the next step, ask your heart how you can support your desire to choose LOVE. Listen deeply. Follow the guidance.

You can perform this simple practice in any situation throughout your day.

Your heart never forgets the way to LOVE, even when we do.

The lifetime invitation to choose LOVE is infinite. It only begins, but never ends. Beyond each choosing, there is always another layer of LOVE to experience, learn from and embody.

Once we learn to choose LOVE for our Selves, comes the choosing of LOVE for others. Our relationships, especially the ones that live within two feet of us, will forever present an opportunity to respond from LOVE or fear, present or past, our healing or our wounding. The inner conflict between the two is our life’s journey of surrendering the ego self and allowing the heart to lead. Treating others as we wish to be treated is helpful, as is letting go of our control, manipulation and withholding. I have found that forgiveness beholds the gift of ultimate freedom.

“As we go, so goes our world. Let’s choose to go with LOVE”.


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