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Hello  luminous  heart


Welcome to Jo Miller LOVES … a tiny corner of the Universe dedicated to exploring, choosing and embodying LOVE in all its expressions.

My boundless fascination of humanity, the esoteric, beauty, nature's majesty, all things energy and the interconnectedness of it all has inspired me to create offerings that connect and align us to our inner sacredness and true essence; the aspect of ourselves that goes beyond the confines of our roles, responsibilities, labels and stories.

I believe that where we are does not define who we are. I believe we are our own wisest counsel. That compassion and kindness are ultimate expressions of LOVE. That Self-LOVE is rarely taught, but is a radically life-transforming gift we can learn to give to ourselves. That the elusive puzzle piece we seek "out there" is truly residing within each of us. And above all, I believe that fear will keep us in our suffering, and that choosing LOVE yields a true liberation that wins every time.


My services are the harvest of my own healing journey, together with the everyday practices adapted from decades of study, and are designed to inspire, reclaim, support and harmonize your best Self.

clients  can  expect   to  experience  loving  soul  illuminations,

uplifting  affirmations,  heart  nourishing  care,  and 

practical  wisdom  and  guidance 


All sessions; both in-person and virtual, are held in “The Empress” ... a Sacred Space that offers a portal into receiving deep harmonizing Self-Care. Whether you're mining the gold of your soul knowings in an "Intuitive Reading", surrendering to absolute calm and bliss with a full body Rose Quartz infusion in a "Be LOVED" Crystal Healing experience, or expanding your Self-mastery and learning how to harness your own inner magic with an "Align" Soul School session ...

My  dream  and  intention  is  to  provide  a  beautiful  space  and create  magical   opportunities  for  you  to  reconnect  and  come  home  to  your  luminous  loving  Self


I'm so happy that you're here, and look forward to welcoming you soon.

Click THIS LINK to learn more about my offerings.

LOVE, always

 X JO)

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