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As a Savvy Intuitive, Self-LOVE Advocate, Manifestation Queen and Eternal Optimist I've discovered my calling, to channel my inherent wonder and delight of people, nature, the cosmos, and the human experience, to inspire, guide, and empower individuals like you to connect to your heart's longings, your soul's knowings, your inherent unique gifts, your pure potential, and ... 

                       (Quite  simply  CREATE THE life you were born to livE


I behold a forever fascination for people's journeys, with a deep passion for witnessing ones' rising from the shadows to claim their most Radiant Light. We are so much more than our roles, labels, stories and circumstances. We are all magnificent humans with luminous hearts, brilliant minds & sacred souls, doing the very best we can, with what we know how. 


how can we live a happy, loving, meaningful life?

And  how  can  we  get  there  from  here ?

I believe that where we are is not who we are. That compassion is the best brand of LOVE. That Loving our selves is not taught, but is our responsibility to teach ourselves. That the magical missing puzzle piece we’re seeking "out there" is truly within each of us. That Life is not one size fits all, but rather one that fits us. And above all, I've learned that fear will keep us in our suffering, but choosing LOVE wins every time.


every day we get to choose AGAIN how we want to

 (live  our  one  glorious  life)

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. And I’m not here to fix you, because we're simply not broken.


. . .  I'm  here  to  be  of  service  . . .

To Offer a Diamond of Encouragement

Hold a Lantern of Awareness

Share the Illumination of What i've Learned

And the Gold of What i'm Living

(I'm  living  proof  that  in  any  moment  you  can  begin)

That you can edit, delete or rewrite your stories. That you have more power than you can possibly imagine. That your unique magical elixir, your desires, passions, and dreams are important and so needed by this world.

If you're curious to Learn How to Connect to and Harness the GOLD of your Intuition, Embrace your Truths, Empower your Transformation and create a life you LOVE, I’m delighted you're here, and excited for what happens next...


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LOVE, always

 X JO)


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