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hello and welcome to jo miller loves


… a tiny corner of the Universe dedicated to exploring, reimagining and choosing LOVE.

My boundless fascination for humanity, the esoteric, all things energy, beauty, nature's majesty and the interconnectedness of it all has inspired me to create offerings that connect and align us to our true essence and inner sacredness; the aspects of ourselves beyond the confines of our roles, labels and stories.

I believe that humanity and LOVE are collective endeavors. I believe we are our own wisest counsel. That compassion and kindness are the heart of living as "Soft Power". That Self-LOVE is rarely taught, but is a radical, life-transforming gift we can learn to embody. Above all; I believe fear keeps us in our suffering, and that LOVE heals, fulfills and sets us free.


My offerings are the gold of my own healing journey, together with the practical, everyday practices influenced and shaped from decades of study; designed to support and uplift the great inner work of your own intentions and callings.


All sessions take place in "THE EMPRESS" ... a beautiful healing studio dedicated to providing magical opportunities for you to set the world aside, to reconnect, reclaim and replenish your own magnificence.



I'm so happy that you're here, and look forward to welcoming you soon.

Please follow THIS LINK to learn more about my offerings.

LOVE, always

 X JO)

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