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How I Can Help You ...

(live  the  life  you  were  born  to  live) 


Grounded in the principles of LOVE, gratitude, optimism and intuition, I have a deep passion for empowering individuals to connect and harness their own innate guidance, magical gifts and desire to live a life they LOVE.   


Together, we journey into the heart of your aspirations and longings to explore where you find yourself, and where you want to be. 


We Q&A your challenges and fears, unpack and disempower any limiting beliefs and shine the light of awareness to dispel what's keeping you from manifesting your best life.


You’ll receive compassionate, uplifting, and practical guidance. Learn simple, yet transformative life tools to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, elevate your perspective, strengthen your intuition, and call in the benevolence of the Cosmos to align your feelings, thoughts, and actions with your passions, gifts and dreams to manifest the life you were born to live.

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breakthrough session


I had a big creative dream that was constantly sabotaged by my equally big fear. Jo was recommended to me by a dear friend and my initial session with her left me feeling so uplifted, supported and excited about my project; that I hired her as my personal coach. It was the best investment I could have made for myself. She’s insightful, creative and the real deal. She not only “gets my vision”, but “gets” my life. She’s teaching me what it means to live outside the box, to trust and believe in myself again, and her cheerleading enthusiasm was the very spark I needed to light a fire under my dream. I feel unstoppable.


empowerment coaching


After just a short time of working with Jo, I felt major shifts begin to happen in my life, some almost effortlessly. Jo’s authentic nature put me at ease as she helped me break the old stories and habits that were no longer serving me. Fear has been a major obstacle and pattern for me throughout my life… whether it was career decision, a creative dream, or a bad relationship. I floated in a sea of anxiety and uncertainty and let it paralyze me from taking any action towards betterment. Jo helped me to gently work with my fears and gave me the tools to navigate my way toward joy, self-love, and empowerment. I am so grateful that Jo entered my life and working with her was one of the best decisions I have ever made!


with crystal Rx


I turned to Jo during a time when I felt truly lost & afraid. I will admit I was a little nervous before my reading, but that was immediately eclipsed with Jo's light. I emerged from our time together with an easiness in my heart, a renewed sense of confidence in my unique gifts, & excitement for the potential. My eyes awakened to the goodness surrounding me & felt a deep trusting within my soul. My reality began to shift in large & small ways almost immediately. Within days, I had landed a dream job, that previously I didn't even feel was available for me, & more importantly, I began to see beauty & goodness everywhere. I began to believe in my own self-worth & value & to trust in the bounty of the Universe. Jo is Love & Light personified, & any time with her is a treasure. She will remind you of the power of your own radiance & magic & I can't think of greater gift than that.

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