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The Empress

(welcome  yourself  home) 



In the Tarot journey, The Empress symbolizes the epitome of "soft power"; an archetypal essence that walks alongside us as we journey through themes of loving awareness, creative expression and nourishing the goddess within.


She is a wise and benevolent reminder of our inherent need to honor, nourish and renew ourselves through the wonder, beauty and bounty of nature. The Empress is a champion for teaching the art of receiving LOVE, reparenting the heart, harnessing intuitive intelligence, reclaiming our joy, honoring our desires and nurturing medicine for self-healing.

I've been working with the essence of The Empress via my yoga, meditation and moon practices for several years now. Her divine feminine wisdom has helped redefine and uplift my life as a Mother, Creative and LOVE chooser. As a guide and energetic anchor, she's helped me to expand, harness and integrate my heart wisdom to all areas of my life and share those invitations and initiations as magical experiences and offerings for others.

The inspiration for The Empress as a physical healing studio arrived at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. With so much attention and awareness amplifying the need to care for ourselves, one another, and our home planet in redefining ways, she felt like a much needed space for tending, healing and centering LOVE.


The Empress is a gorgeous and serene sanctuary and a "welcome home" from the everyday world; literally and figuratively manifested from an imagined dream-seed and planted in my life's garden.


For all that 2020 brought to our heart's door, she feels like a sacred balm and "gold lining" gift to support our mind, body and soul wellness, for witnessing and affirming the full spectrum of our possibilities and lovingly guiding us through these radically transformative times.

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