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"BE LOVED" Crystal Healing Session


You are a magical Divine Being of LOVE.


Our entire bodies are powered by a life-supporting rainbow energy system known as Chakras; that run along the spinal column from the base to the crown, corresponding to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers that make up our miraculous human body. We use our Chakras to store, receive, process and emit energy, and as such, their health plays an important role in living harmoniously and in alignment with our selves, and in our relationship with all. When these invisible energy vortexes become imbalanced or blocked, using crystals that vibrate at an optimal frequency can help dissolve the blockage through entrainment, to restore and optimize the flow of our energetic vitality.


The healing practice of “laying on of stones” has been used since ancient times, and it’s widely believed that misalignments in our Chakras can contribute to a multitude of emotional and physical disharmony influenced by stress, trauma, repressed emotions and stagnant energy. For example, an imbalance in our heart Chakra (related to our ability to receive and give LOVE) may result in us being insecure, fearful or “needy” in relationships, or influence our ability to grieve or move beyond loss. Left unchecked, over time, these imbalances may manifest themselves as heart-related illnesses and disease.


The “Be LOVED” healing experience is a beautiful offering for a deep recalibration of your entire energetic system via the vibrational frequency of Rose Quartz; one of the most important crystalline vibrations of our time, and the quintessential stone of LOVE ... for our Self, our life, our relationships, our community and our world. Rose Quartz stimulates and opens the heart chakra, tends our wounds, gently soothes our emotional landscape, and reawakens us to experiencing our true Self and natural state of being … harmonious, peaceful, joyful and loving.


Surrender to absolute calm and deep relaxation, and experience the restorative benefits of affirming healing intentions, whole body Rose Quartz crystal infusion, flower essence energetic attunement, and sound healing; to support your mind, body, spirit wellness, harmonize your energetic vibration and replenish your entire being from the inside out.


After purchasing this offering, please head to the LETS CONNECT page for scheduling.


2 hour session

"BE LOVED" Crystal Healing Session

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