Intuitive readings are a beautiful invitation for a sacred conversation with our true Self faciliated through the magical gateway and reflection of the cards. These intimate readings connect us to our depths, our authenticity and our innate wisdom. We bring forth our heart's deepest enquiry, and lean into the gentle guidance and Intuitive Gold of our soul's inner knownings.


Through the insightful reflection of these readings, we become liberated from our doubts, uncertainty and mind fog and emerge affirmed, inspired and reminded; that intuitively, we are our own wisest counsel.


Intuitive Readings are often described as a deep and sacred "aha" experience. Always loving, illuminating, supportive and empowering.


Readings are offered via pdf/email, text, DM or post and include photo, channeled message and practical Rx. to support your next steps. It will be detailed, rich and beautiful. I regard each sitting with love, deep reverence and gratitude.


Please allow 3-4 days for your insights upon receipt of your enquiry.


  • Hello, and thank you for booking an Intuitive Reading with me.

    Please head over to the LETS CONNECT page to share a little about where you currently find yourself.

    When wording your question, please go as deep into your enquiry as possible and refrain from asking yes or no questions.

    I don't use perform readings for anyone other than the querant. Rather than using the cards as a predictive/forecasting tool, I prefer to work with them as a potent portal for accessing soul level insights, navigation and guidance of the "present".

    My readings are an offering of my experience of years of using Archetype, Oracle, Divination and Tarot cards as a "bridge" or language for accessing intuitive intelligence and mining the alchemic golden wisdom that resides in our subconcious and heart intelligence.

    The cards are a deeply cherished and sacred companion that been a "go to" for supporting my healing journey, deepening my intuition and personal expansion.  They're a radical, and supportive ally that helps me to shine the light of awareness where it's most needed. Simply put ... they help me to be a better me. I wish you nothing less.

    Please include your preference for communication along with your contact details with your enquiry.

    I'm looking forward to connecting with you. 

    Big LOVE - Jo x