In the midst of unpredictability and uncertainty lies the greatest invitation for radical shifts and transformation. We suddenly find ourselves in a momentus place of "inbetweens", rewriting our inner narratives and conditioned programming and surrendering our reliance on unsustainable mindsets, structures and systems that don't align with our authenticity, our truth, or the betterment of the collective family. 


Transitions rarely occur in a straight line, and as we navigate the discomfort and challenges of change, we may find ourselves grasping for answers, longing for assurity, and seeking a center of inner calm admist the emotional swirl and unfamiliarity of the "inbetween" space.


And so ... we can take a deep breath (or a few), quieten our mind chatter and shift our attention to expand our awareness to our inate wisdom; the intelligence of our heart. We tune in and ask for guidance. Our query may be super specific, or as simple as "what do I need to be reminded of today", "how can I best support myself through this transition", "what is medicine for my heart in this moment"?


Within the mirror of our message, we rise above our anxiety and fearful reactions, receive our own inherent counsel, and we shift ... reassured and reminded; that intuitively, we are always supported and connected.


Harnessing my intutive gifts, I lean into your question and channel a response via the cards. Insights and guidance can be shared via email, IG Direct Message, Voice Message or Text in the form of a photo & written message, along with a Rx. of practical alchemy in the form of a crystal remedy, an affirmation, or recentering wisdom to return you home to the heart.


I was inspired to offer these mini-intuitive messages as way to connect unite our hearts via these LOVE notes to the Self; illuminating, supportive, centering, and empowering.


Once purchased, please head over to the "Lets Connect" page to enter your details and your question. Leave your phone number if you'd like your message sent via text. Or, send me your details and query via Direct Message on IG.


Please know that your personal queries are handled with the deepest respect and honoring.


"MESSENGER" (Single Card Wisdom)