Moving into a home, starting a business venture, or embarking on a brand new life chapter is the perfect time to clear away stagnant or stuck energy, set meaningful intentions that align with how you want your physical environment to feel and support you, and elevate the entire vibration of your space.


Far beyond mere buildings, our home is our sanctuary, the castle in our kingdom. Our creative space is where we manifest ideas and dreams into reality and share them with the world. It’s important that our environment and the energy within it holds us, delights, nourishes and replenishes us. Whether or not we’re aware, we are all affected by the subtle energy around us. When the energy in your home doesn't flow freely, stagnation and stuckness occurs. Left unchecked; layers of energetic residue built up from previous occupants, trauma, illness, heartache, loss, and toxic relationships can dull and drain your own vital energy and adversely affect your overall wellbeing, as well as unknowingly contribute to negative outcomes.


“Sacred Space” is an energetic reset button for your home or work studio that dispels energetic imbalances to create calm, harmony, and joy you can literally feel, and beholds a beautiful opportunity to invite ritual, celebration, abundance, and joy into your home, your creative expression, your relationships, your life.


Each home and individual’s needs are unique. You can expect to allow 1.5 -2 hours for your Sacred Space service, and cost begins at $222 for a small home or studio and adjusts according to scale & scope.


Please head over to the LETS CONNECT page to share your specific needs and determining logistics before purchasing this offering.

"SACRED SPACE" Energy Clearing For Your Home