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Cosmic LOVE - Crystal Tending and Programming

Crystals are natural energetic containers and cleansing and tending to them will serve to keep the connection between your personal vibration and the attributes of your cosmic allies flowing freely. Caring for your sacred tools also offers the opportunity to invite ritual into your everyday and a reconnection to your intentions, visions and desires.


Crystals naturally absorb energy & cleansing & charging them will serve to keep the connection between your personal energy & the powerful attributes of your cosmic allies flowing freely. And your tending invites the opportunity for ceremony, ritual, magic & sacredness to support your life.

All Jo Miller LOVES crystals have undergone an intentional ceremonial cleansing process that includes a sun/lunar bathing, herb smoke purifying, heart chakra sound bowl charging & Reiki healing light infusion.

Bathing your crystals under a Full Moon cleanses, recharges & amplifies the energy of your crystals. I don’t recommend leaving them outdoors overnight due to the night air moisture, but a visit is marvelous & a moonlit windowsill is also perfect.

Grounding in the elements. Crystals love to spend time in nature connected to the Earth. An outdoor sunlit bath will cleanse & charge your crystals within a couple of hours, wind is also an amazing cleanser.

Using the smoke of dried herbs to cleanse the energetic structure of your crystal. Please be intentional with your resources – refrain from wild foraging or mass production retailers. Choose locally sourced or better still, plant, grow & harvest some LOVE of your own.

Holding your crystal to your heart & softly blowing your breath across the stone, holding the intention that you are offering tending and love from your heart is one of my favorite ways to connect & cleanse.

Some, but not crystals enjoy being cleansed in water. You can use running water or, take your crystals to a flowing creek or even a dip in the ocean. Rule of thumb …don’t cleanse in water if your crystal ends with “ite”. Calcite, Celestite, unpolished Malachite, Selenite & Turquoise can be permanently damaged.

Oftentimes, crystals have traveled a long path before entering into your care, and so you'll want to spend time connecting with them before using. If you're working with crystals daily for healing, I recommend cleansing them after each session. Otherwise, I love to work with the moon cycles (full & new) as an opportunity to tend to my stones with the potent energy of luminous Luna LOVE.

However you choose to tend your magical treasures, do it with a loving, positive, grateful intention.

Everything is energy. And what I know for sure is that everyone & everything becomes elevated with the ultimate vibration of LOVE.


First, ensure that you have a clear intention for your crystal. You may be seeking specific healing, protection, or spiritual guidance. Perhaps you want to attract more abundance, or an elevated vibration of LOVE into your life. You may wish to enhance your home, creative or work environment, cultivate an honoring self-care practice, start a business, or begin a new life chapter. These are just a few examples of how you may enjoy working with a crystal to support a specific purpose, vision or desire.

Feel into your body, eventually bringing your awareness & the energy your intention carries into the heart. Take some time to sit quietly with your crystal connecting with it. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just do what feels appropriate for you.

When you’re ready, intentionally direct your focused energy into the crystal, as though you’re merging, coding or transmitting your intention/vision/desire into the stone. Do this until you intuitively sense that the crystal now holds the energy of your intention/vision/desire.

Seal the invocation with gratitude.

The more you use your crystal, the more accustomed you will become to its unique personality, which will encourage you to utilize its attributes for specific intentions, affirmations & manifestations. Enjoy spending time & nourishing this sacred aspect of yourself with the beautiful vibration of nature’s mineral allies.

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