Cosmic LOVE - Crystal Tending

Crystals naturally absorb energy & cleansing & charging them will serve to keep the connection between your personal vibe & the powerful attributes of your cosmic allies flowing freely. Tending to your sacred tools offers the opportunity to invite ceremony, ritual, magic & a deep self- honoring that supports & nourishes your body, mind & soul. Here are a few of my favourite ways I like to LOVE up on my cosmic compadres.

* Bathing your crystals under a Full Moon light cleanses, recharges & amps up the energy of your crystals. I don’t recommend leaving them outdoors overnight due to the night air moisture, but a visit will work splendidly & a windowsill perch is also perfect.

* Submerging under water. Most (but not all) crystals enjoy being bathed & cleansed in water. You can use running tap water, or a trip to your favourite lake, pond, river, creek would be extra magical. Calcite, Celestite, unpolished Malachite & Turquoise can be permanently damaged in water.

* Grounding in Sunlight & Storms. Crystals love to spend time in nature, connected to the Earth (their first home). A sunlit bath on the grass will cleanse & charge your crystals within a couple of hours & the energy of a thunderstorm provides an awesome electromagnetic boost. My grounding method of choice is to place crystals amongst the flower beds or fragrant herb bushes, this always feels especially divine.

* Smoke. Using the smoke of dried sage/fresh herbs (or incense) to cleanse the energetic structure of your crystal is something I LOVE to do as part of my crystal care practice, for it not only cleanses your cosmic tools, but will also cleanse the energy of you & your physical space in the process.

Often crystals may have traveled a long adventure before entering into your care, and so you'll want to cleanse them before using them. If you're working with crystals daily for healing, I recommend cleansing them after each session. Otherwise, I love to work with the moon cycles (full & new) as an opportunity to tend to my sacred friends with the potent energy of luminous Luna LOVE.

However you choose to tend your magical treasures, do it with a loving, positive, grateful intention.

Everything is energy. And what I know for sure is that everyone & everything becomes elevated with the high vibration of LOVE.

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