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Luna Love

The arrival of tonight’s “Pink” Moon in Libra comes with an invitation for us to focus on bringing balance, peace, and harmony to our relationships. Starting with examining the relationships we have with ourselves, and then extending that deep inner work out into our love partnerships, friendships, business collaborations, clients, coworkers, family, community, and the Universal Collective et al. Where can we accept more and judge less? Walk more of our own talk and less of our BS? Gather more and scroll/snap/FB less? Can we choose compassion over gossiping? Transparency over fakery? Where can we appreciate, compliment, encourage more? Have less and BE more? Frown less and Smile more? Fear less and LOVE more? The Libra sign of scales representing peace, harmony, and justice for all arrives at a time when the world feels uncertain, turbulent and downright unjust. Reminding us that these are the very times our own bright light is needed the most, and that the way of the peaceful warrior is through mindful empowerment. Let the illuminating energy of tonight's full moon be a potent portal to plug in and fully amp up our own LOVE and light reserves so that we can shine and radiate brighter for those who are struggling in the dark. High vibes are positively contagious! When you're elevated, inspired, empowered and full, you energetically raise the frequency of those around you, like moths to a flame. It's in this manner that we can ALL be of service to others. By upgrading our inner world, we become the change agents for the world we live in.

I was inspired to get creative with my crystal charging practice and created a Love and Light grid anchored by the master of healing stones; Clear Quartz, and my constant compadre; Ms. Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love that fosters faith, strengthens hope, helps overcome despair, instills calm and peacefulness, promotes joy and emotional healing. And she’s pink, just like tonight’s Loving Luminous Lantern in the sky.


My Current Love – Hosting of tonights Full Moon Gathering Circle

My Current Light Bulb – That WE are the change we want to see in the world

My Current Delight – Farting around with Crystals

My Current Gratitude – For everything Pink

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