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Tiny Miracles

I was coming back from a walk with the dogs when I felt a nudge to stop and look down. At first glance, I feared the baby hummingbird might be dead, but when I gently scooped him up, I felt the energy of his life force; so faint it was almost a suggestion, warm a small place in the palm of my hand.

I began to talk to him, instantly assuring him that he was going to be okay. Somehow, I just knew that this wasn't a random happening, I've experienced the magic of tiny miracles too many times to pass them off as coincidences.

The moment I got home, my husband and son helped me create a triage center on the kitchen counter and after an hour of affirmations, prayers and sugar water, this magical being began to revive. He blinked open his eyes, wonkily adjusted himself upright, and began opening and closing his beak revealing the surprise of a long, retractable tongue, and testing his miraculous helicopter wings, as though he was assessing his equipment for potential collateral damage. There appeared to be none.

After relocating him outside, and after several test flights and sips of sweet nectar, he graduated to flying back and forth from my finger to the lower branches of our lemon tree. This went on most of the afternoon, and I left for an appointment leaving him in the capable hands of my son and his friend.

When I returned, the boys reported that he had eventually stopped returning to their hand and flown into another tree in our garden, but that some other hummingbirds had attacked him, and they thought he’d escaped by flying away. My intuition told me that he was still with us, secure and safe, hiding out somewhere in the garden, but as sundown turned to night sky, there was still no sign of him, even though I'd grabbed a flashlight and scanned every branch of every tree in the garden.

Finally, I got the light bulb idea that I should literally ask the Universe to help guide me, and I waited and I trusted and the miracle continued to unfold as I found myself guided to the rear retaining wall, which is faced with a blanket of Boston Ivy at this time of the year. Almost dreamlike, I lifted up the edge of a particularly large leaf to discover him silently blinking up at me. As I gently outstretched my hand, he hopped onto my finger perch once again and we sat together under the inky night sky taking in the “whoa and wonderment” of what had just transpired.

I’d read somewhere, that baby birds are often rejected by their own after coming into human contact, but I felt it was worth another try at reuniting him with nature, and so after a night sleep, I returned with him to the garden. After some surprisingly loud chirping and clicking sounds, this tiny weightless wonder proceeded to fly from my finger up to a lofty tree branch and begin calling out for his homecoming.

I made myself comfortable on the grass, gaze turned upwards, scanning the sky for her arrival. I’m not sure who saw her first, but seemingly out of nowhere, she appeared in front of him, feverishly checking him over and chatting all the while. For the next hour or so, I watched as she darted from flower to tree pod to baby, delivering nature’s sustenance of Love and food. Finally, in a flash of “up, zip and away”, they were gone, but the miracle of what was left behind will be a cherished memory forever.

I believe he was as much of a gift to me, as we were to him. I’d had a personally challenging few weeks and was beginning to question myself on some things that weren’t working out the way I had hoped they might. Hummingbirds are a sign of resilient positivity and spiritual resourcefulness. They know where to seek out the sacred spaces to gather the sweet nectar of life and return to these vetted resources daily. I thought about the trust that tiny being had literally placed in the palm of my hand. That I’d intuitively known that uncertainty, difficulty and fear can be soothed with the acknowledgement and an assurance that everything is going to be okay. That if you believe it can happen, you’re half-way there. That expecting delight significantly tips the scale to a favorable outcome. That team work is everything. That no matter what language we speak, scales or feathers or skin, fins, or wings or arms, we are each a part of the other, sharing this magnificent planet together. That we are always connected and supported by the Universe. And that LOVE always, but always wins.


My Current Love – Recanting this tale.

My Current Light Bulb – Trust Trust Trust your inner guidance.

My Current Delight – Always be Expecting it.

My Current Gratitude – For Universal backup and divine timing.

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