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40 Days 40 Ways to LOVE

The planet Venus goes retrograde on October 5th beginning a 40-day inward sojourn for us to explore our personal narratives with LOVE, Beauty & Femininity.

Mars (masculine energy) is heading for a face off with Venus this month (feminine energy), creating astrological tension between the two essential essences, and offering up an epic cosmic opportunity for us to check in with how these yin & yang energies are present within our selves & our relationship with all.

Mars beholds a primal, protective, action-oriented energy & drives our motivation, ambition, passions, discipline, initiation, sexual desires & call to action. Mars also rules the energy of our competitiveness, aggression, anger & fierce instincts.

Venus carries the feminine essence of LOVE, values & beauty. She governs our attraction to others/things & their attraction to us. She represents charm, grace, pleasure, & harmony. She can also be fierce, but she finds her sources of strength in compassion & heart wisdom. Even in the face of adversity or destruction, Venus will encourage us to see the beauty in the mess, the golden lesson amid the chaos, the community arising from the crisis.

As beings of duality, we possess both masculine & feminine energies; energy transcends gender. Traditionally woman was the creator of life, and man was the protector of life. Men went off to slay for food and battle for status and strength & women stayed home to protect the children & tend the community realm.

But times have changed, and our traditional roles no longer align with our current reality. Things have gone awry on the world stage & aggression, abuse of power, inequality, intolerance, rage, failing systems & so much pain & suffering is simply not serving humanity. As I look within and around my life, I feel that both men & women are beginning to awaken to a new brand of consciousness. We are experiencing our own personal breakdowns & breakthroughs. As a collective we’re getting a shake down. As individuals, genders, cultures & societies, we’re questioning, exploring, healing, remembering, reclaiming, unsubscribing, craving, & seeking new ways to believe, to behave, embrace, honor, tend, experience ourselves, each other, & this wild, wondrous world we all share together.

And so, I’m harnessing this Venus Retrograde as a cosmic invitation to fall deeply into LOVE, to navigate life from the heart, find the beauty in all, embody my feminine essence, & use this consciousness to find harmony & expansion. Because not only have I come to learn that choosing LOVE & finding the goodness serves me best, but as I take a good look around, I feel it’s truly the way forward for humanity.

I’ve often heard that how we do one thing is how we do everything. So why not “Make LOVE” our one thing? I want to imagine living in a world like that.

40 Days, 40 Ways to LOVE. Sounds like my kind of Adventure. Care to join me?

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