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Creating Sacred Space

The New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Capricorn that arrived on Christmas Day night presents a cosmic reset button & a powerful two-week energetic portal for us to enter into & emerge renewed & shifted with the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th.

Eclipses behold amplified energy for us to work with & have a way of turning our gaze towards what’s needing our attention & participation. This particular Eclipse cycle is here to help support us with the most important relationship of all. The one we have with our Self.

We can harness the power of this timely & potent Eclipse energy to turn within, to enquire, identify, name & release those aspects of our selves that simply don’t serve us.

We can start paying attention to what triggers us, drains, angers, distresses, disappoints us. What makes us feel vulnerable, resentful, afraid, stuck, & unloving. We can start to notice these behaviors, & the stories we tell ourselves, & we can begin to question if they’re really a match for our personal truths. We can notice where we react in ways that don’t feel good to us or others. We can get honest with ourselves. We can have patience with ourselves. Be kinder, softer, more honoring with ourselves. We can begin a conversation with our heart that begins with curiosity & ends with LOVE. We can choose ourselves.

We can become our own beloved, our own dearest friend, mother, cheerleader, healer, wise sage, guardian, & closest ally. We can harness the power of these Eclipse bookends to support our personal shifts & expansion.

Use this window of time to let go of the things that don’t align with who you’re becoming. Make room in your being, in your homes, in your life garden to plant some new dream seeds … brighter, fuller, meaningful & magical seeds that excite your heart, stoke your desires & turn on your soul light. These are the dreams you truly deserve. These are the dreams that this world needs. These are the dreams that were planted deep within your inner kingdom … that were made just for you.

I’ve put some together some ideas around clearing, & cleansing your energy, tools that I’ve used to support my journey, that perhaps you’ll find helpful for an Eclipse Adventure that’s centered around the relationship with ourselves. These suggestions are intended merely as a foundation for your own empowered soul care. Please feel free to take what resonates for you & leave the rest. For deeper inner delving, you might find it helpful to reach out for a professional therapist or an energy healer. I consider my energy to be my most precious resource & commodity. The very best guidance I can offer is to follow your own unique intuition with what feels aligned for you.