Reflect Release Renewal - Harnessing a Scorpion Moon

This week's Scorpio energy is centered around the cycle of life/death/rebirth and the relationships we have with our souls callings, our karmic lessons, relationships, transformation, empowerment, sensuality and reclaiming aspects of our Self.

Emotions may feel heightened, intuition amplified, and we may find ourselves desiring deeper and more expanded levels of connection, empowerment, and new ways of being. We may sense our misalignments rising from our depths, yearning to be acknowledged. And a familiar knowning that our suffering is tethered to the wounded parts of us that long to be healed.

Rather than turning away from our discomfort, we can choose to work with this Scorpion energy to courageously sit with ourselves and begin to engage in conversations that are non-judgmental, loving & kind.

Over the coming days and transitioning into the next new moon, we can harness the potent energy of Scorpio’s illuming light as a cosmic invitation to leverage new awareness around the aspects of ourselves that are yearning for our attention and tending.

We can observe what is clearly being shown to us, and listen deeply to what our disharmony has to share in terms of insights, guidance and medicine. We can give ourselves permission to feel our feelings fully. We can make room and time for ourselves to reflect on what is shedding. Reflect on what ways of being, situations, and relationships feel tight, restrictive, or outgrown. We can gently release the grip of our attachments to the things that are clearly not serving us. And we can choose to hold our own hand and heart to move through, rather than avoid our discomfort, our sadness, and our disappointments, knowing that this too is the part of the cycle of life, and that renewal, and transformation always follow, once the discomfort of our contractions have passed.

The process of transformation is never a straight line. It can be messy, difficult, and ask a lot of ourselves to trust in what is yet unseen. Like the snake shedding its skin, we often have to push up against obstacles, projections, distractions, even our own self-sabotage, in order to break free and emerge anew. After the challenging work of letting something go, we may find ourselves raw, sensitive, vulnerable, uncertain, and unfamiliar with our newness. It’s normal for us to reach around for the familiar, the comfortable and the old ways of being, as we discover and navigate our still unfolding becoming. Getting comfortable with what comes next is often a journey in itself. Tending to our deepest needs, listening to the guidance of our heart’s higher intelligence, trusting our soul’s inner whisperings, and courageously acting on our intuitive guidance when prompted will yield a newfound intimacy with ourselves and an innate confidence and trust in knowing we're walking along a path that feels so very true for us. A path that leads to profound healing, personal expansion, liberation, and opportunities that reflect the glimmer of our magnificent potential.

Scorpio energy offers us the awareness, the protective portal and the cosmic nudge for us to "go there", to face off, honor and embrace our own reflections. To bow in deep gratitude for the lessons of what feels completed, for the knowings and affirmations they have shown us, and how they’ve served in the preparation for our beautiful new becoming.

"You are the one you've been waiting for".

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