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Cosmic Cocktail (How to harness the energy of tonights Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse)

Tonight’s Full Moon/Luna Eclipse in Capricorn turns up our awareness around our home life, our career, our family & our inner & outer structure & systems. Luna Eclipses focus on relationships, our polarities & the need to balance what appears out of alignment.

With the combination of a Full Moon, a Luna Eclipse & Mercury currently in retrograde, this Cosmic Cocktail may find swimming in an ocean of emotions & at odds with ourselves & others.

Repressed or latent weaknesses are being illuminated from the depths of our subconscious (our shadow realm), influencing our current mindset & present situations. This can give us the feeling of an inner conflict as we wrestle with the polarity of what has been pushed down, hidden or locked away & our newfound illuminated consciousness.

The full moon reveals the inner Self to the present Self, often making us feel vulnerable & the need to feel protected & safe. As a result we can either try to further hide our fear with projection, blaming & defensiveness, or we can harness the potential of this celestial lantern to learn something vital about ourselves & alchemize that new awareness into personal growth & ascension.

Our intuition is strengthened at this time, & epiphany bombs are landing. Armed with more revealed pieces of our own mysterious puzzle, together with heightened intuition, we can take a deeper dive into our inner depths to mine the transformative treasures of more light, healing, compassion & LOVE that await.

We can ask, what feels familiar & uncomfortable? What is true & what is different in this current situation? Am I comparing present life to past experiences? Is there an old story tethered here that’s negatively influencing my perspective, my beliefs, & my choices? Can I acknowledge, name & begin to resolve that? And how can I create a new story, one that supports me, heals me, shifts me, & is in alignment with my highest & best version of me?

Tools that can help us greatly. Self-care, patience, compassion, patience, kindness, rest, hydration, any releasing rituals such as saging, journaling, salt baths, dwelling in Mother Nature, & gentle tending that feels like LOVE.

As we go, so goes the world.

Tread softly with your heart.

Hold your own hand.

And Go with LOVE.

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