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We Are The One's We've Been Waiting For

Here we stand in the threshold of a new year, new decade, and era. Only 8 days into 2020 & it already feels like we’re being supported to rise in brighter, bolder new ways. So many individual & collective stories have & are being re-written, societal & cultural shadows continue to be called out into the light of day & the heartbreaking cries of our planet are calling us to form, innovate & act. There has & continues to be a mass awakening to our personal truths, our gifts, healing, & power as we’ve accepted the many invitations to listen, acknowledge, name & transform in so many beautiful, courageous ways.

We’re undoing, unlearning, healing & unbecoming older versions of ourselves, often at a challenging, rapid fire pace. I’m both experiencing & witnessing so much emergence into new, liberated states, aligning with our souls whispers & stepping into the true magnificence & agency we were born to be. It’s all very exciting to imagine the pure possibility of us all. Oh the things we shall do, share & become as we realize & actualize our inner gifts, our potential, our purpose, our consciousness, our responsibility & the power of our choices.

2020 is themed in action, work & intelligence versus emotions or stillness. It correlates to the Emperor in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Authority, foundations, systems, structures, leadership, strategy, fortitude, accountability, goals, wisdom & empowerment are all available energies that are being supported this year. I like to think of the Emperor as a giant redwood in the forest, stable, mighty, deeply rooted in the earth & nourished, yet forever reaching upwards for the heavens.

Some supportive allies that you might like consider/pack/embody for the adventure of this year:

Boundaries - around what is sacred to you, be that your self-care, relationships, connection, creativity, healing etc.

Planning – getting organized, strategizing & breaking down goals into actual do-able, actionable steps. We conquer the mountain one step at at time.

Collaboration – with yourself is first & foremost. Communicating your needs. Ask for help/support when needed. Create inner & outer dream teams.

Courage – showing up with integrity, facing truths, forgiveness, self-expression, accountability & making conscious choices all require self-awareness & inner strength.

Self Care – knowing & attending to your own needs. Agency over your own mind/body/spirit leads to self-mastery & empowerment. Releasing control & attachment to what is not yours. LOVE Your whole Self.

Action Action Action – much support is available for clearing up, making amends, responsibility & accountability on a personal & global level. Fuel your beautiful dreams & goals with desire, positivity, enthusiasm, focus & commitment.

Gratitude – it’s a game changer. When you fall into the grip of uncertainty, fear, hopelessness, procrastination, ambivalence, negativity or martyrdom … stop. If you can go outside, close your eyes, slow down your breath, know that all will be well. Open your eyes & focus on one small detail of what you see/feel/know that is goodness. It can be the comfort of the sun warming your skin, the melody of birdsong, a moment of steadiness in your beating heart. Hold onto that one thing & really truly feel appreciation for it. Each day continue to write a gratitude journal in your heart, noticing & appreciating all that touches your innermost light. These gifts are a valuable resource for our being, cultivating softness, kindness & love & we in turn begin to carry the vibration of gratefulness throughout our days & into the world, which incidentally leads to attracting more things to be grateful for.

Balance/Duality - Action & rest. Solo & connection. Self LOVE & Service.

Devotion - Cultivate practices that keep you in your center, connected to your heart & away from the drama, fear or negativity of others. Nourish your being from a wellspring of nature, beauty, music, art, books, exercise, meditation, creative expression, laughter & supportive, loving connections.

Compassion & Patience – remembering that we are all doing the best we can with what we know. No-one is higher or better. Let us eradicate judging, criticizing & comparing ourselves & each other. We are all a part of the Universe, which literally translates to one song ... walking (or singing) ourselves & one another home. Let us journey with LOVE.

2020 - I'm excited for us. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

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