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Deeper Still Into LOVE

Only a few steps into 2021and already it feels like we are being invited to dive deeper into ourselves and deeper still into LOVE.

2020 was certainly all of the things for sure. It was a year of extreme change and loss that broke our hearts and tested our inner strength. Again and again, we were challenged, inspired, amazed, appalled, called out, and called into being with ourselves. The home became a reimagined universe, as did the workplace, our communities, the things we take for granted and more than anything, what matters most.

Much illumination was placed onto the wounds of our individual selves and the collective family. The trespasses of our abuses, global injustices, inequalities, imbalances, consumerism, dividedness, unconscious actions and harming that transcend across cultures and societies continue to be raised to the surface for reckoning, reconciliation and healing. The cries of our mother earth call out for our care, our creativity, our innovation and our collaboration.

In the clearing and transitioning away from what was; a new awakening to our personal truths, our accountabilities, responsibilities and personal power has dawned. A newfound intimacy, empathy and compassion with ourselves, each other and the world is supporting our desires to listen, acknowledge, transform and unite in so many bold, beautiful and courageous ways.

In the numerology of the Tarot Journey, 2020 was the year of the Emperor. Overarching themes of authority, systems, structures, leadership, strategy, fortitude, accountability, wisdom, power, and self empowerment were all highlighted and mirrored back to us in their “shadow” and “light” aspects.

In 2021 we travel along with the archetypal invitations of the Hierophant. Themes around inner truths, beliefs, religion/religious institutions, secret doctrines, societal rules, dogma, traditions, education, extremism, spirituality/spiritual leadership, divinity, self-actualization, morality, conformity, personal development, higher wisdom/purpose and inner/outer sacredness will invite us to discover and invoke our true essence.

It’s helpful for me to think of the Hierophant as a potent (often challenging) reminder of the inner teacher, leader, student, healer, alchemist, wise counsel and divinity that reside within, and the power of personal choice. I’ve found my Hierophant medicine to be some of the most intense but profoundly transformative and liberating inner work. All in the name of seeking, discovering and embodying truths.

With this new year, new era, and new energetic vibration, along with the gold of what we’ve learned about ourselves, we are undoing, unlearning, unbecoming and healing the older versions of ourselves, often at a challenging, rapid fire pace. I’m both experiencing and witnessing so much emergence into new, liberated states, aligning with our souls whispers and stepping into the full potential of ourselves.

It’s all very exciting to dream the pure possibility of us all. History has always shown us that fear will separate and LOVE will unite us. Imagine the things we shall do, the people we will become, the world we can create if we believed in ourselves, saw the spirit in all, and followed our hearts.

We are all doing the best we can with what we know. No-one is higher or better than the other. Every micro shift we make on the inside ripples out into the macro shift of the world. We are the change we want to see in the world. Let us listen. Let us soften. Let us be kind. Let us eradicate judging, criticizing, othering, shaming, comparing and condemning. We are all magical, miraculous and sacred members of the Universal family, walking ourselves and each other home to our hearts and our wholeness; body mind and soul. Let us walk the journey with LOVE.

Some self-enquiry prompts you might like to reflect upon as we embark on the adventure of this year:

In what ways do I engage with the energy of the Hierophant archetype?

What is my relationship with conformity, obeying the rules and expectations of others?

Where in my life do I believe, trust and choose myself?

What beliefs, perspectives were passed to me about religion, spirituality, availability to knowledge and authority figures?

Where/what/who are my sources of information (internal & external)?

Are my personal beliefs aligned with my deeper soul knowings?

What is sacred to me and how do I honor this aspect of myself?

Where do I give my power away to external sources?

How do I wish to express my unique divine gifts with the world?

In what ways am I my own Hierophant?

With big LOVE - Jo x


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