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Going Home

As we continue to ebb and flow for the next 3 weeks through the influences and invitations of Virgo season, I'm noticing the themes of self-care, paying close attention to our inner needs, re-organizing and refining and staying with ourselves; especially amidst challenging situations are very much at play in my own life and in my client sessions.

A most helpful question I like to ask myself when things seemingly go awry, or I feel "off" (often looks like frustration, irritation, resentment, feeling drained), is "when was the last time you went home?" In other words "how is your heart?"

There are so many ways to come home to yourself. Each of us will have a different path, yet the destination is the same. "Homing" helps us to remember what we didn't realize we had forgotten ... our inherent need to attend to and tend the heart.

Going home is a reclaiming of your whole Self. An inner place where all of your Self is welcome, embraced, honored, LOVED. Quietude, Solitude. Resting. A halting of the perpetual doing/going/being "all the things". It's a coming inside when we've been "outside" (or, as Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls it; the "topside world") for too long. It's a deep level of listening such that another voice or sacred aspect of you can be heard amidst the static and noise of the world. Nurturing, nourishing and taking care of the inner Self and its own unique needs, whatever that looks like for you, so that you can thrive and sing your glorious songs in the outer realm.

Some of my favorite roads to home are solitude and a hiking trail. Crystals, Roses, Poetry anything. Watching clouds move across a magnificent landscape. Sitting with the moon (I even have a very special and "uppity" tequila I sip on just for this practice). Walking/sitting/being beside water. Tending the garden, the altar, the soul. Dancing. Full on snort laughing. Baking. Creating something from nothing. Morning coffee with the birds. Ritual.

How you journey back "home" is not so important. The heart doesn't require picturesque or fancy for it to feel divine. What is important, is that you pay attention to the call, to make a practice of heeding it and of visiting your Self ... often.

“For a better you, will make for a better us.

And a better us, will make for a better world".


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