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I Tend. I Heal. I Serve

Virgo represents the essence of the Virgin, the Mother, the Creative and the Goddess within. This weekend's new moon in Virgo is centered around our personal health, organization (particularly at home), energetic self-care, exploring our unique gifts, being of service, and taking inventory of where life finds us and where we most desire to take it.

Over the coming days, spend time exploring your relationship with wellness and consider expanding your routines and habits to include supportive and mindful practices ... whatever that looks like for you. Yoga, meditation (with crystals of course), earlier nights to bed, positive perspective, querying/processing my emotions, kind self-talk, rituals, drinking more water, energy clearings and slowing the $%&* down are a few of my “go-to’s.

Consult your inner teacher and ask your body oracle for insight and guidance on how you can better support her. Then stay close to the gold of that guidance and commit to making choices that support your radiance, your inner peace and healing.

Feeling the urge to purge? This lunar cycle is both supporting and fueling our desire to clear the clutter and shed the weight of the unnecessary … period.

Energetically speaking, this might look like calling a halt to being an energy vending machine, redefining the roles we play within specific relationships, or cultivating healthy boundaries around our time and energy resources. On a practical level, it’s an ideal time to clear out closets, take nightly salt soaks and start practicing the power of “no thank you”.

Harness this Cosmic energy to become less consuming or wanting of “stuff” and get more curious about what is we’re actually desiring to feel.

A New Moon in Virgo is a fantastic opportunity to take stock of where we’re finding ourselves. Symbolized in the tarot journey by the Hermit (a master of the inner realm who gathers wisdom through the medicine of quietude, stillness and deep listening). As the long summer days and nights begin to slowly wane and we begin to feel the season clock move towards Autumn, it’s an opportune time to reflect on where in our lives we’re feeling the call to shed and release, shift and recalibrate, expand and elevate.

"A most beautiful unfurling awaits".

Spend some time during Virgo Season tuning into where you find yourself. Acknowledging where you’re at right now can be incredibly illuminating and empowering.

For this exercise, I like to envision my life in terms of a garden. The level of LOVE and attention I’m investing reflects back to me the areas in my life that are either wilting or flourishing. Having a clear vision of how I’d like my garden to feel, look and evolve over time translates to daydreaming meets opportunity equals future realties (aka manifesting). Weeding out the beliefs, habits, behaviors or perspectives that don’t serve me, or the greater good of my garden (ie. family, community, world) and uprooting the deep sources of wounding, suffering or harming is the inner work of healing forwards. Creating time and space to plant seeds of intentions, dreams and beautiful new expressions, then acting on those young ideas, intentions and inspirations. Then cultivating regular practices that nourish, nurture and replenish my life garden with the goodness of self-care, self-LOVE, compassion and gratitude so the fruits and flowers of what I hold dear in my heart will grow, flourish and bloom, again and again.

"Once you embrace the truth that the real Garden of Eden exists within you, you're free to accept your own magnificence, honor your own needs, follow your own dreams and trust you own beloved heart; and then free to take your uniquely magical Garden with you and share her glorious bounty with all you meet and into all you do".


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