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Libra Luna LOVE

Libra centers around themes of relationships, intimacy, partnerships LOVE, beauty, gathering, diplomacy and fairness.

Ruled by Venus, and referred to as the “Pink Moon”, this feels like a lunation that both illuminates and supports all matters of the heart; especially heart-centered communication, creating boundaries around what is sacred, compassionate understanding, and inviting harmony, healing and new chapters and expressions of LOVE into our lives.

Communication, compassion and equanimity are Libra’s resources for radical peacemaking, solution seeking and relationship tending. A Libra heart sees the goodness in all, wants everyone to get a fair shake, will spring into action for those in need and has an uncanny ability to unite opposites. They are the scales of divine justice, linked to karma and standing for what’s inherently right and just.

I sense that Libra’s ability to honor and blend both the feminine and masculine energies is key. To seek out, value and embrace not only what is important to ourself, but also in each other, creates expansive spaces where each becomes an integral part of the whole.

Libra energy can also find us struggling to make a decision. We can often spend so much time in the pro/con loop that we fail to take necessary action when needed. An over-tendency to “hang in there” can have us dwelling in unworkable relationships, as we wait for a situation or person to change, which can sometimes lead to resentment and difficulty letting go of situations that don’t serve our desire and inherent need for harmony and peace.

Consulting the heart, our intuition and our soul’s nudges are all essential paths to bring us home to our true selves. Remembering to honor and LOVE ourselves, as well as being there for others, will only elevate the quality of energy you bring to the table in all that you choose. A better you, makes for a better everything you do. The world rarely teaches us this, so we must learn to teach ourselves. The path to the true self is not for the faint of heart and the conditioning runs deep. But emotional liberation is the prize of knowing who you are and being that truth.

In this moon phase, we are being invited to reflect on our relationships with all, especially the relationship we have with our Self. Where is the harmony or the misalignments in our friendships, love relationships, families, businesses, communities and homes? What feels welcoming, supportive, nourishing, reciprocal, loving and safe? Where do you find yourself consistently compromising your own needs/voice/value/visions/desires over another’s? How are you showing up for yourself and for what you hold dear?

Situations, energies, relationships or behaviors that feel dishonoring, one-sided or unreasonable can be brought back into balance by speaking up about your feelings, renegotiating roles, creating boundaries, harnessing your intuitive knowings, invoking self-LOVE and, if need be; releasing the things that are between you and your inherent and most deserved worth.

The power of LOVE is supreme and superior to all other. It’s what gives life true meaning.

Where you invest your LOVE, is where you invest your life.


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