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Moon Practice

Aligning with the Magic of the Luna Cycles

Since ancient times, we have been embracing the power of the Moon to connect to our intuition, our Feminine essence and the natural cycles of the world around us. Anytime we intentionally align our inner realm with the cosmos we are connected and in union with the benevolent wonder of the Universe.

Through ritual we honor, celebrate and nourish the deeper, sacred aspects of our beings. In working with the magic, mystery and rhythms of the lunar cycles, we create sacred space away from the hectic pace of modern daily living, to reflect and receive profound illuminations to restore balance and harmony for our body, mind and soul.

Consider how intentionally working with the moon can support and elevate your creativity, your self-care, your manifestations, your inner/outer balances, your healing and your innate wholeness.

New Moon Phase

When Luna meets the Sun the celestial inky night sky beholds rich and sparkling potential energy for planting future dream seeds, embarking on a new beginning, or wiping the slate clean. Keep your crystals and your magic close at hand whenever you’re working on your goals. You might like to use them in your meditation, yoga, journaling, dreaming, and manifesting practices. Over time, these interactions strengthen the “relationship” you have with your cosmic tools and your visions and desires.

This is a wonderful time for envisioning new ideas, starting new projects and creative endeavors you are wanting to manifest. It’s a very potent and intentional phase, so be sure to ask for what you want, rather than what you don’t. Truly dwelling in your vision is key. This is something you feel, rather than think. Imagine your future Self receiving, doing, living, being this manifestation as though it had already happened, taking note of all the details. Truly walk around in your dream, embody its essence.

You may like to write down your wishes, read them aloud, or draw them in your journal. Gather any elements that feel sacred to you and sit, converse, reflect, share your dreams with the Moon. Close your rituals with gratitude, as you would a dear, supportive friend.

Waxing Crescent Phase

This is an exciting time of heightened inspiration, ideas and accountability. Share your enthusiasm and excitement with others. Begin to research and gather up the details that make up the big picture of your vision. The energy of this time is supportive of organization, planning, strategy, weighing in on scenarios and collaborations. Begin to breathe life into your desires with intention, attention and action.

First Quarter Phase

The energy of this time is one of stimulation and gathering momentum as your plans, ideas, dreams begin to grow and take shape. This is a great time to pay attention and take note around the feedback, signs, synchronicities you’re experiencing. How are you meeting any challenges or setbacks? How can you be more effective? Is your initial excitement still underpinning your intentions? This midway place between the new and full moon is often a time of expansion and retraction and the pace can sometimes have us moving two steps forward, two steps back. The key is to keep stepping and keep your eye on the prize.

Balance is critical during this phase. Placing value in your Self-care, hydration, restful nights’ sleep and staying in your own lane will all serve to support your efforts.

Waxing Gibbous Phase

This is a time to reflect, review and allow your efforts to take flight. The invitation of this stage is to take a step back, take in the big picture, summon trust, patience, allow for right-timing and check in with any attachments you may feel around things working out a certain way. The energy is positive, hopeful, nourishing and you may be experiencing some gains around your efforts and glimpses of what awaits. Allow yourself some quiet time and catch up on the more everyday practical aspects of life and living.

Full Moon Phase

You’ve arrived at the highest, fullest and most potent energy of the Luna cycle. It’s time to rest and restore your physical being. Use the moon’s luminosity to reveal insights, intel and new guidance for you. Review your efforts, the strides you took since the New Moon phase and see what worked and what didn’t so much. Make any necessary tweaks and check in with your original enthusiasm for your goal.

Full moons are ideal invitations for releasing the things go that don’t serve us. It’s common during this phase for our emotions to mirror the moons amplified fullness as she works to bring light to our subconscious depths. This is an excellent opportunity to release any harboring attachments or disappointments and an opportune time to forgive your Self or another.

Waning Gibbous

The themes of this phase are releasing and receiving. This is a time to gather with friends, cook a sacred meal, declutter, donate, purge, let go of all the unnecessary and unsupportive emotional weight that slows us down or keeps us stuck. Activities around community, sharing, processing/assimilating are all supported at this time.

Last Quarter Phase

This is the assimilation phase of the moon cycle. Where things begin to decompose and compost into future fuel for new ideas, projects, endeavors. An excellent time to restore and replenish yourself, tie up loose ends, complete projects and mine the gold of what you’ve learned to allow for renewed perspective. What do you know now that you didn’t before? Recharge, Detox, Regroup. Acknowledge your strides and celebrate the bounty. Be immensely grateful for what has transpired and take a bow to your courage and willingness to step onto the path of your dreams.

Waning Crescent

Sometimes referred to as the “Balsamic” moon; this is a time to travel inwards. An ideal time for self-care and engaging in any practices that support softening, surrendering and creating space for fresh ideas and dream seeds to come into view. Time in nature, cleaning house, nutrition cleanse, salt bath soaks, journaling, food prepping, reading, and retreating are all excellent ways of being during this time.

May all your beautiful dreams come true

Jo x


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