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Receiving LOVE

For many of us, receiving LOVE is challenging. We may carry old stories within the ocean of our unconscious depths that tell us in some form or another, we are not worthy of the abundant benevolence of life's goodness. This may translate as a shadow belief around scarcity or lack, guilt associated with privilege, or shame around taking up too much space.

These patterns often find their roots in childhood, culture/societal rules, the media machine, or in the projected judgements, expectations and fears of others.

To RECEIVE is an elevated and evolved form of Self Love. It is to locate the source of wounding and gently, patiently and lovingly kiss away the pain of all that is untrue. For the truest of truths is that we are all inherently deserved of receiving an abundance of love, wellness, prosperity, opportunity and joy. It is our work to tend the suffering that blocks us from claiming this birthright, to rewrite our stories, open our hearts and allow the sweet sacred nectar of goodness in.

Give yourself the permission, the approval, the pleasure and the liberation of standing in your own truth, your value and your worthiness.

Rx. For Receiving

The Empress is considered the Goddess of the major arcana in the journey of the Tarot. She represents the energetic essence of the Divine Feminine, the creative, the emotions, the nurturer and the aspect of ourselves that is all loving, compassionate, welcoming and passionate. The Empress signifies the sensual approach to life and finds her home in nature, surrounded by the infinite beauty and bounty, and it’s from this vibrant benevolence that she receives what she needs, tends what is calling for her attention, and shares her riches with an easy grace and loving heart. Working with the archetype of the Empress can be extremely supportive in healing any wounding related to maternal relationships, or the part of you that is yearning and ready to receive more LOVE.

At nighttime, sit with the Moon and call in the Empress. Offer yourself as a humble student and ask her to guide you towards illuminating and surrendering all you carry within that is untrue. Ask her to support your desire to open your heart to inviting and receiving what was always yours, what will always be yours … LOVE. Then visit the moon, the Empress and your heart often. Sit in the sacred stillness and begin to live this truth together.

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