Reflect | Release | Transform - LOVE, Scorpio Eclipse

When a lunar cycle is accompanied with an Eclipse, the energy of that moon phase is intensified. Aspects that have felt distorted, shadowy, or "just out of reach" are more apt to be flooded with clarity and light. Even though the energy can often feel uncomfortable, strange and bring up "all the things", I have also learned that fear is a natural reaction when faced with what we can't control or fully understand. But a willingness to "go there" leverages immense gold in terms of making sense of ourself, offering resolution, reconciliation, healing, and a new way forward; equipped with a deeper understanding and new sight.

(Photo Credit - Felipe Resmini)

I tend to harness eclipse seasons as a choosing to slow down and pay close attention to what is being illuminated. To witness, investigate and process what is shown. Any time we take to tend to our inner realm and sift through what is working and what is not, what is ours and what is not, what is aligned for us and what is not, brings us closer to our own truth and the pure golden essence of ourselves. This in turn, shifts our outer experiences and reality.

Eclipses offer an extra boost of amplified energy that have a way of highlighting our patterns, habits and the areas of our lives that are needing our attention and cooperation. And they can be extremely supportive for leveraging profound epiphanies, breakthroughs, initiations, emotional healing and transformations. Currently, we are in the energy of a full moon, total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, bringing themes around completions/endings, karmic debts, ancestry, shame, sabotage, sexuality/sensuality, reclaiming and powerful transformations.

In the Spiritual arena, there’s much talk about “letting it go” releasing and shedding. But understanding what that means for you, and how to make it a practical process is talked about far less.

I’ve put together some ideas around clearing and cleansing your energy; tools that I’ve used to support my personal journey, that perhaps you’ll find helpful for harnessing this eclipse energy for bringing light to your shadows, breaking emotional patterns, ancestral recycling or non-serving habits and stories.

These suggestions are intended as inspiration for your own empowered tending. Please feel free to take only what resonates for you and leave the rest. For deeper work, you may want to reach out for a professional therapist, process facilitator or an energy healer. I consider my energy to be my most precious resource and commodity. The very best guidance I can offer is to follow your own unique intuition with what feels correct for you.

Emotional Energy

Identify past hurts or wounds. Do you feel betrayed or do you feel you have betrayed yourself or another? Do you sense that you may be carrying the energetic weight of unfinished business? Where do you feel the pinch of shame or guilt? What relationships drain you and can you engage in a different way (hello boundaries)? Judgement, negativity, criticism, perpetual indecision, fear, worry, anxiety, stress, and toxic relationships are examples of energetic vampires or entanglements.

Can we move away from self-harming emotional thoughts, beliefs, words and actions and move towards adopting more kindness, patience, forgiveness, compassion for our own human-ness? We may not have been taught or shown how to love, honor and respect ourselves, but we can begin to teach ourselves.

You’re so worthy and deserved of your own LOVE.

Wellness Energy

In the busyness of “doing life” it’s easy to let self-care take a back seat. You will need to choose yourself, to acknowledge and believe your self-care and your wellbeing are a priority in order for practices to stick. There’s really no short cut (I’ve tried). Awareness around your resistance to taking good care of yourself is an important and illuminating conversation to have with yourself, and a great place to begin.

A life-plan that includes a healthy diet, daily movement and real rest, that is intentional, moderately paced and anchored in your life reality (not the ideals, expectations, judgement or expectations of others), include defined bou