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Relationship Goals

The mirror of relationships is one of our greatest resources for discovering clues, newfound awareness and guidance around our own needs.

Our closest relationships will often reflect back to us where we're being called to tend, heal and evolve certain aspects of ourselves. What we see in another can act as a tripwire to our default reactions, the shadow side of our projections, misalignments and all the ways we deny or sabotage our best selves.

Relationships offer us infinite invitations to experience more trust, compassion, courage, authenticity and vulnerability in ourselves and with others.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the gold standard for the relationships we have with others and all of life. The more we invest in exploring, discovering, tending and expanding ourself, the richer and more fulfilling our relationships become with all.

The inner reflects the outer and vice versa.

Getting curious about our stories, our interests, our needs, what we value most, our healing and our deepest desires is radical Self LOVE. Any and all investment in your own care and self-mastery not only serves you; but pays dividends in your relationships and ripples out into all areas of your life.

To truly know who you are and to be that person is the work of a lifetime.

Simply put … where you invest your LOVE, you invest your life.

Relationship Rx.

The Self


Wellness (body, mind self-care)

Soul Care

Career/Work (how you make a living)







The World (Community, Environment, Planet Earth)

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being connected, aligned, killing it and 1 being disconnected, wonky, suffering) reflect and rate (without judgement) the above life categories.

Each month, (I like to use the full or new moon as my reminders) spend some time exploring, acknowledging, journaling about each of these areas, either in order, or perhaps zeroing in on what feels more present or illuminated. Remember to be patient, kind and honor yourself along the way.

Include the relationship you have with "The Self" each month.

This is an incredibly empowering and affirming way to witness your unfurling, shifts and transformations. A better you, makes for a better everything you do.

“You are the one you’ve been waiting for”.


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