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Thank Full

To live in gratitude with all of life is to literally transform your entire experience of living.

Gratitude is living with grace in your heart, the essence of which is capable of gladdening the heart, smoothing our emotional edges, elevating the sprit and awakening us to what is truly important.

Cultivating gratitude is a way of allowing love to lead the way. Appreciation comes when we shift from wishing and wanting and being with what is already here. It keeps us present, grounded and hopeful. It staves off neediness, scarcity, living from a place of lack or "not-enoughness" and reminds us that we are connected, supported and alive.

What we focus on and where we spend our energy strengthens and expands within us and all around us. Having a gratitude practice not only keeps us in the energetic realm of the “haves” versus the “have-nots”, but radiates an essence of gratefulness in the direction of experiencing more situations, people, and opportunities to be thankful for.

Gratitude Rx.

Upon waking, close your eyes and begin writing an imaginary gratitude entry in your heart beginning with what is already here (eg. “I am grateful for my life, for the gift of a new day, my body”, etc.)

Allow the list to be any length you like and with no limits. You can be grateful for possibility, for the food that’s in your refrigerator, for your perspective, your resources, for a kindness that helped you through a difficult time. The key is to make it sincere, to actually summon forth the feeling of appreciation as you state your thanks.

Repeat this practice at the end of your day as a way to honor the passing of all that supported you in some way. Allow the energy of thankfulness to become your goodnight prayer that ushers you into your dream-state.


“I see and bow to the goodness within me and in my life.”


Dwell in nature to reconnect to your inherent frequency of goodness an